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6 Tips On Finding A Job In Today’s Economy

Posted Jul 22 2010 6:31pm

I first hand know how hard it is in today’s economy to find a job. I lived in Michigan and couldn’t locate a job for the life of me, I then moved back to New York after giving up a fabulous job and am trying to find a job. I had one temporarily but it just wasn’t the best environment where I would flourish. We all don’t have the luxury to try to find that job where you are comfortable but since it isn’t my only main source of income I have a little flex in my demands from an employer.

However, if you’re looking for a job here are some things I’ve found that have helped me locate one in a very short time.

1. WORK AT YOUR RESUME – Don’t make it too long. One page is all you need if you honestly need help with your resume don’t be too proud to ask for help. I’d be more than happy to take a look at it if you haven’t any one else. Pajama Mommy staff aren’t here just to entertain you we are here to help you!  I am helping my boyfriend with his because his is just too much. I felt overwhelmed reading his so I knew right away it needs to be simplified and not sounding so pompous.

2. Always include a cover page – Its a few lines indicating why you think you’d be a great candidate it doesn’t hurt to add it! Make the assumption you’ll hear from them. Tell them you look forward to hearing from them, they will feel obligated to call you either way more often then not.

3. Don’t just look for full time – While I have been looking for full time I’ve also been trying to acquire part time or even temporary. Right now I’m a free lance contractor for a company that allows me to work my own hours and I’ve got a six week contract that allows me to earn a bare minimum of $350 or over $1,000+ a week depending on how much time I put into it. Of course I want the maximum so I am trying to bang out the  most I can each week before my contract runs out. It may not keep food on the table but it takes the pressure off from having to worry about finding a permanent job right this minute.

4. Utilize more than just the classifieds – When I am job hunting I use every job site there is allretail, monster, career, craigslist, my local newspapers classifieds section. You name it I’m there. I found my temporary job through craigs list. It had one of those cheesy titles that say want to earn $350 to over $1200 a week. Yes it seemed shady with the title but turns out I work for a subsidiary company under AOL. So not so as shady as it seems now is it?

5. Answer all call backs and go on every interview – I read an article recently that said college students are putting their parents on the phone before they go into the interview and letting them listen in. If you are getting interviews but not jobs think about trying it. Go to someone you can trust and have them listen in and then later discuss what is happening or not happening because of your interviewing skills. Work out a plan on how to better interview or figure out ways to help putting yourself out there even better.

6. Look outside the box – Just because it isn’t in your field doesn’t mean it wont help out. Any job is a good job. If it comes between putting food on the table, clothes on your back and taking the pressure off your spouse or even yourself temporarily definitely think about it. It helps ease off the instant pressure from your back and may make you an even more enjoyable interviewee for future job prospects.

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