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6 Things to Do With Your Teen This Summer [Teen Article]

Posted Jul 27 2009 10:51pm

Meaghan is a 16-year-old from Zephyrhills, Fl. She enjoys cheerleading, shopping and her favorite subject is journalism II, because she plans to be a journalist.

Father and daughter by Glamhag Summer is the season for infinite possibilities. You have all the time in the world to lounge at the beach or chill up north. But summer time not only means hanging out with your friends,but also with your family. My most cherished memories are with my family, But most of all my parents. Your mom and dad aren’t just the bank for your vacation. They can also be your partners for fun. So both parents and teens listen up, here are ten activities to do with each other making this summer the best one yet!

  1. Father / daughter date night: Mix it up a little! Instead of going shopping with just your mom, take your dad too. He may or may not be very fashionable, but who cares! Going shopping with daddy will help him get a better understanding of your fashion sense and the way you shop. Plus what dad can say no to their little girl?

  2. Book Club: Personally my mom and I love to read. Give me a good book and my mommy and I’m set. If both your mom and you like to read, think about joining a book club. You both will be reading the same book, so you guys will always have a subject to talk about. It’s a way to bond with your mom too. Some of my best moments is with my mother reading in her bed with her. You can make moments like that too!

  3. Rent a boat: Weather it’s on a lake or in the ocean being on a boat is pure fun. Fishing or tubing being in the water is a blast. You can tan with your mom or fish with your dad. For the more adventurous family, try snorkeling. It’s a good family bonding experience, plus an awesome way to see the underwater life.

  4. Cooking Class: A cooking class would be a very good way to learn to cook with your parents. There are many classes you could take: a cake class, a grilling class or even a muffin class. Food is something that everybody can enjoy, try bonding over the smell of your family’s favorite foods.

  5. Summer work: Every teen has summer work for school. Parents took the same classes when they were in school; chances are they still remember what they learned. Let your mom and dad get in on the work. School work is hard, having parents means that you have an in home teacher to help you with answers.

6. Create a play list: Oldies but goodies, rap, country or rock. Whatever you and your parents listen to, the music is bound to be good. Plus you can listen to it anywhere. Collaborate on the music choice so it’s a little bit of everything. So weather is the Beatles or a Katy Perry jam outing in the car or at the beach, turn up the iPod and sing along.

                        These are just a couple fun tips to ensure a fun summer with your teen. So don’t forget to turn up the music and put on the apron.


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6 Things to Do With Your Teen This Summer [Teen Article] is a post from: Radical Parenting

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