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55 More Awesome Sites for Guys, Husbands and Dads

Posted Aug 23 2008 3:20pm

A few sites here to make you more manly

I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since I gave you my list of 101 awesome sites for men . A lot has happened in that short amount of time…I’ve met many other great dad bloggers, had another baby girl and learned a great deal about fatherhood and manhood along the way.

It’s amazing to me the amount of guys out there, both dads and non-dads, that blog about the importance of fatherhood and chivalry in today’s society. These sites have been on my radar for the last few months but haven’t taken the time to put them all together until now.

There’s no way that a list like this will ever be complete. I think the dad/husband/manly blog market has to be the fastest growing segment out there. Just take a look at some of these great sites and you’ll get a sense of passion that men from all walks of life have when it comes to our children and marriages/relationships.

Quick note: a couple of these sites were featured in the original 101 list but have since changed their URL. I wanted to include them in the list so they can get some additional exposure. I’ve also tried my best to not duplicate any of my links from the first list.

My apologies to Jeremy - I meant to include Husbands and Dads in this list. This is a joint effort between Jeremy and Cory from A Good Husband . Now it’s 56 awesome sites…

Dad Or Bust

Dad Trends

Daddy Rockstar

Daddy’s Toolbox

The Blogg Daddy

Dad’s House

Modern Parent

21st Century Dad

Dad Of Divas

Dad Talk


Schaefer’s Blog

The Care and Feeding Of Man

Return To Manliness

I Am Husband

Silly Dad

A Family Runs Through It

Modern Day Dad

Being Daddy

Homo Domesticus

Laid Off Dad

More Diapers

Hopeless Cases

Eccentric Father

Father Your Son

Samson Soceity

The Passive Dad

Colorado Dads

I Vegas Family

The Parent Spot

Discovering Dad

Go Daddy Go

False Awareness

Backpacking Dad

The Skeptic Dad

Dad’s Work Bench

Literal Dan

The Common Man


Natural Father

Raging Dad

Musings of a Suburban Dad

Genuine Blog

Honea Express

O Canadad

To Fatherhood and Beyond

Dads Center

Attachment Parenting Blog

Blogging Dad

The Man Page

Daddy Forever

Dad Speed

Fatherhood’s a journey, right?


Zoe’s Dad

And there you have it…55 more great sites for dads, guys, husbands, fathers…anyone who’s not a woman.

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