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5 Green Products: Outdoor Research, A Butterfly’s Ball, Sprout Change, Change the World with Service Learning, ZarbeeR

Posted Mar 13 2011 12:00am
Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to for updates on this topic.

    Protecting your children’s heads from the sun and bugs is very important during outdoor activities.  I wish I would have been more insistent my children wear hats as toddlers, as now that they are older, they usually chose to go bare headed and suffer the consequences.

    Outdoor Research is a company I have long supported for adventure gear and am pleased the line has expanded to include children.

    This cap is ideal for kids who are always on the move. Quick-drying nylon panels deflect sunlight and shed light precipitation while breathable mesh keeps heads cool. The foldable brim allows easy storage and won’t get bent out of shape easily.

    Protect your little one’s head from the sun with SolarShield construction that uses a blend of ripstop nylon and polyester that has an ultraviolet protection factor (UPF) of 30+ Her forehead stays dry with the TransAction headband that wicks sweat away from her skin before she starts feeling clammy She gets plenty of ventilation through the sewn eyelets She can keep her hat in place with the chin cord to held in place by chin loops.

    Neither of these hats are what I would call green products per se because of their artificial, manmade fabrics, but Outdoor Research supports a whole slew of green alliances .

    When we aren’t at work designing and manufacturing functional solutions for human powered adventure, we are most often found enjoying the wild places and adventurous lifestyle we love so much. It is precisely this that compels us to support organizations working for the preservation of and access to the wild world. We also feel a responsibility to support educational organizations that help our customers (and us) go safely, lightly, and competently into the adventure beyond.

    Would I buy these products? I would buy the swift cap, but probably not the bucket hat.  For adventuring, the swift cap is ideal, and I wish I had one myself.  The bucket hat is cute, but I think that its practicality is less than the swift cap for high activity levels.  I love how both products have an “infinite guarantee”.

    After our horrible experience with a Barnes and Noble Nook , my daughter now has a Kindle.  So far this device has been reliable, and we have just read our first picture book on it.

    A Butterfly’s Ball is based on the original 1808 poem by William Roscoe.  This delightful story of backyard creatures is beautifully illustrated by Tanya R. Laramie, and I have to say, I love the way the illustrations look on the Kindle.

    Come take up your hats and away let us haste, to the Butterfly’s Ball and the Grasshopper’s Feast…

    Igniting imaginations for over two centuries, The Butterfly’s Ball is an original poem written by noted historian and botanist, William Roscoe, who wished to instill his children with a spirit of camaraderie and reverence for nature.

    This edition is designed for a new generation – edited and formatted to flow as an eBook, with colorful characters brought to life by more than twenty full-resolution illustrations.

    Would I buy this product? Yes.  This ebook is only $3.99, and I really do like the tale and illustrations. I also feel it is important to expose children to 200-year-old poetry.

    Boy have cloth diapers come a long way since my daughter was born almost ten years ago!  Sprout Change has made it super easy and more comfortable for babes with their reversible shells and organic inserts.

    Sprout Change is the only reversible diaper on the market. We completely re-invented the diaper to be more convenient for you and your budget. Unlike other One-Size diapers that don’t fit small newborns, Sprout Change fits perfectly, and now getting that perfect fit is even easier with our new Sprout Change v2 Shells! One-size, Custom fit Fits 5-40 lbs Easy size adjustments Leak-free Easy Innovative snap closures, anyone can figure out No more guessing Breathable Shell keeps baby rash free Unbeatable leakproof protection Seamless gussets for mess-free cleanups Affordable: Fits your lifestyle and your budget Fewer Shells means less cost for you, without compromising on quality Unique Reversible Shell has two colors in one Prefer side closing or front closing diapers (like disposables)? You get both! Soft fabrics touch baby, not plastic* *double waterproof layers of poly urethane laminate are hidden

    Would I buy this product? Yes.  The covers are a big improvement over the vinyl ones I used, and the inserts are super soft and absorbent.  They look like they will stay in place and won’t bunch up like the cotton diapers I had to fold for my babes.

    It’s with great pleasure that I write this review, as the author Katy Farber used to write for Eco Child’s Play and is the founder of Non-Toxic Kids .  We hope some day she will once again join our ranks, but in the meantime, we are pleased she has been authoring books.

    Katy is a teacher, and she writes about service learning from her real life educational experiences.

    Change the World with Service Learning is clear, direct and easy to use, and was designed for busy teachers integrating Service Learning into their existing curriculum. This book guides teachers from all content areas and grade levels to create outstanding Service Learning projects with students like no other book does. Change the World with Service Learning is a no-fluff, step-by-step, teacher-to-teacher description of how to create, plan, teach, and celebrate Service Learning projects that meet and exceed local, district, and national curricular expectations.

    I don’t know how Katy, a busy teacher herself, finds time to write, but I truly appreciate her knowledge.  For example, Katy considers children with special needs participation in service learning, as well as team development.  She even includes sample parent letters explaining service learning projects involving local watersheds she has done.
    Would I buy this book? Yes.  This is a great resource for educators (and homeschoolers).  Service learning should be included in any teacher’s professional development and school’s curriculum.

    Honey is very soothing on sore or scratchy throats. Zarbee’s all-natural children’s cough syrup is designed for children over 12 months because of the honey factor.

    As a pediatrician and a father, Dr. Zak Zarbock found it frustrating when he wasn’t able to offer any relief for his young patients with a cough. So, he set out to create a safe, effective and natural remedy that he could feel good about recommending.
    Dr. Zarbock’s research led him to the amazing benefits of honey with its natural cough suppressing and immune boosting power.
    Made with a unique blend of antioxidant-rich dark honeys, and fortified with Vitamin C and Zinc, ZarBee’s Cough Syrup is a proven and safe solution to naturally soothe your child’s cough.
    Why Honey?
    Honey has been used as a safe remedy for ages. With its special blend of antioxidant-rich dark honeys (buckwheat & wildflower), Vitamin C and other unique all-natural ingredients, ZarBee’s Cough Syrup is an effective remedy to calm coughs and take the sting out of sore throats.
    Our All-Natural Formula is Gluten, dye & preservative-free
    Safe and natural – contains no drugs or alcohol

    My daughter tried this cough syrup and said it was good but a little bit bitter. She wasn’t sure her brother would like it, who is a bit more reticent to try things.  She said it worked immediately and soothed her scratchy throat.

    Would I buy this product? Yes.  It pleases me to see a pediatrician developing and recommending honey-based products for sore throats.

    Disclosure: The products described above were sent to us as free samples, unless noted differently in the review. Prior assurances as to the nature of the reviews, whether positive or negative, were not given. No financial payments were accepted in exchange for the reviews. The reviews reflect our honest, authentic opinions.

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