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5 Great Ways To Handle Difficult Children At Home During Tuition

Posted Nov 08 2012 6:36am

There are many parents out there who usually pay to have their children tutored at home. This is often in a bid to give them an edge in class, so that they can perform better than they currently can. However, there are cases when this may be a bit more difficult than one would imagine. For instance, you may find that you have a very difficult child who may be resistant to instructions. In such cases, you may find that the process of tutoring them is a waste of time, since they may not be able to listen to anyone. If you face such problems, there are a number of things that you can do to reduce them. These include:

Do not sympathize with the child when they do something wrong

Most of the home tutors will try to discipline the child when they stray. However, if you try to sympathize with the child and go against the tutor, this not only makes the punishment less effective, it also reinforces the child’s behavior. This means that they are bound to end up doing what they are not supposed to do more and more, and the tutoring will become less effective with time. In such cases, you would end up losing your money, since the child would not be learning much despite you paying for the service. The only way to ensure that they do not stray is by letting the tutor punish them, and not siding with the child.

Use both positive and negative reinforcements

When you notice your child getting out of line during the tutoring process, there are a number of things that you can do to discourage the behavior later on. For instance, you can withdraw a privilege that they are entitled to. For instance, if they have a computer in their room, you can take this away each time the tutor reports them to have gone out of line. This way, they will be more careful when making such decisions the next time, since they know that there are consequences to doing so. However, when they perform well during the tuition session, award them something small so that they get the motivation to push themselves to excel.

Listen to the child

There are a few times when a child may have legitimate grievances regarding the tuition. For instance, the teacher may not be using orthodox methods to teach, or may be too harsh on them. If you find that your child is overly disrespectful, you can try to find out what their problem is by simply having a chat with them. You can then compare this with the information you get from the tutor. If you find that the child has no basis for behaving the way they do, you can find a way to reprimand them. If they do, however, you can try other methods, such as getting another tutor for them.

Use qualified tutors

One of the best ways of handling an errant child during home tuition is by simply making sure that the person training them is qualified to do so. This means that they have to have some experience dealing with children. Some of the high-end tutors tend to also have some information about child psychology, so they can easily psychoanalyze your child to find out what their problem is. They can then give you advice on what you can do to ensure that such behavior is suppressed in future.

Create a conducive setting for the home tutoring session

One other important thing to do in order to reduce such behavior in children is to provide them with an ideal learning environment. For instance, when they are exposed to too much TV and other distractions, they tend to start concentrating on other things, and if they turn out to be more interesting than the tutoring, they may rebel in order to avoid it. You should therefore try to make sure that your child does the home tuition in a room that is quite and free of any such distractions. This has the effect of making it easier for them to learn more, but it also reduces the chances of such errant behavior.

In summary, your child’s errant behavior may be a way in which they end up wasting a lot of your money when you are paying for such tuition. However, when you take advantage of the above pointers, you can turn the table around and make those tuition sessions work miracles for your child.

Joseph Slater is the writer of this article. He works for Progressive Home Tutors . They provide quality tuition’s for early childhood, primary and secondary students to help them perform better.

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