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5 Cousins Walk into an American Girl Store

Posted Nov 14 2013 8:29am


Sophie has been wild about American Girl dolls since she got her first mini-doll for her birthday last year. She also got a “big” doll, Marie-Grace for Christmas (I hit the big sale they had on Marie-Grace and Cecile .) and her BFF Cecile for kindergarten graduation. She loves the dolls and the books. She’s way into reading. So far we’ve read 3 Kit books, the Ruthie book, all six Marie-Grace and Cecile books and 4 Addy books. She even goes up to her room and reads by herself now! Sniff, sniff – a girl after her mama’s own nerdy reading heart!

Sophie’s birthday is this Saturday, and a few weeks ago I got the idea that Emily and I should take Sophie and Kate to the American Girl store in Columbus , which is fairly new and only 90 minutes away for us. Kate has several AG dolls and was quite excited! She brought her Emily (get it? LIKE HER MOM!) doll along on our trip. When my niece Murrin,who is almost 16, heard we were going, she asked to go too! I thought it was so sweet she wanted to accompany her little cousins. Murrin was the original AG lover in our family. She has Kit and e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g ever made for Kit, and plans to  hand her down to her own daughter. She took reverent care of her. Even though she’s spending more time with her iPod than her dolls these days, she’s not too old to play with her little cousins! 


Murrin with Kit, Sophie with her mini-dolls Kit and Ruthie (she felt her big dolls would be too “big to carry” (my kid? Lazy? No way!) and Kate with her Emily doll.

Emily and Kate picked us up, then we picked up Murrin and then headed to Columbus! Once there, we quickly found our way to the American Girl store.

And it. Was. PACKED.

I was honestly shocked. I wouldn’t go near the place after Thanksgiving due to holiday crowds, but I really thought on November 9th we’d be ok! WRONG! It was crazy, crazy, crazy. We could really barely move, and no matter what you did, you were on someone else’s way. Clearly American Girl has a great bead on the Columbus market!

Nevertheless, we had a great time looking around. I must confess seeing all the dolls displayed with all their beautiful outfits made me want to buy every one! Sophie had $40 early birthday money from my parents, and set about searching for the Perfect Thing to buy.


While she searched, I couldn’t help but notice the huge line for the doll hair salon and the cute little cafe within the store. It really was neat! I also noticed that the section for the historical American Girl dolls was much more packed than the section for the “my American Girl” section where you can get a doll that looks like you. This kind of confirmed my opinion that the historical girls with their stories are much more compelling.

Sophie finally settled on purchasing Argos, Marie-Grace’s dog, and the Saige movie. Saige is the 2013 Girl of the Year and won’t be around for long. Sophie and I have watched the Samantha, Molly, Kit, and McKenna AG movies together and they are all great, so she was excited to get the Saige movie. And eve more excited to have a Marie-Grace’s furry friend.


Kate settled on purchasing a matching American Girl hat for her and her doll, and Emily and I got in the h-u-g-e line to pay for our purchases while Murrin escorted the girls as they browsed some more.


This is us pretending to be excited about waiting in such a long line.

We thought we’d be in line for an hour – it was THAT long. Part of the trouble with browsing was that the line was so long, it was coiled through half of the historical girls section. And there were 4 or 5 black-clad security guys to make sure no one got cray-cray! (Or stole something, I imagine.) It was also pretty warm, and we had dressed warmly because it was cold outside. We were wishing we’d brought some bottled water! Whew! Fortunately, the store had LOTS of cashiers and the line moved pretty fast. They did a great job getting everyone checked out, and we actually *only* waited 30 minutes.

It was worth the wait, though, to see this! Sophie was excited to make a purchase with her own money.


Sophie with Argos, Marie-Grace’s dog. Her purchase with birthday $$ from Grandma and Grandpa!

We were all thirsty and starving, so we headed off for lunch and then treated ourselves to the delicious and legendary Jeni’s Ice Cream with our girls.

Cousins eating ice cream

Despite the crowds (I was really proud of myself for not having a claustrophobic attack!), we had a great time and a great day full of cousin bonding! The girls watched the Saige movie in the van on the way home and Emily and I enjoyed just talking, which we haven’t had time to do in awhile.

We can’t wait to go back again…on a weekday…in the spring…when the crowds are elsewhere.

Have you ever been to an American Girl store? Apparently the Columbus store is much smaller than the rest of them. What was your experience?

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