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5/30/08 Look ma I'm driving a 2 wheeled bike !!

Posted May 14 2009 4:35pm

How do you clear a park full of people in 20 minutes?

Easy, teach your 6 yr old how to ride a 2 wheeled bike.

So, my son's goal for the year was to ride a bike with no training wheels. Where I live, the ground is all hills and is impossible to teach anyone how to ride a bike mind you one with no training wheels. We have this beautiful park up the street with a track that goes around this magnificent pond. Well, I decided to try and teach him at the park. Because it was such a gorgeous day today, everyone was there. Fishing, running, playing, biking, etc. So here we are, in the middle of the track with his 2 wheel bike (that's what he calls it). I put him on and give him a push. There he goes !!! Wow, seems like he's got the concept.. OH, OH, NO !!!! CRASH!!!! He crashed right into this lady and her dog. She seemed ok, but soon left. So, we tried again, and again crashed into a man with his son fishing. The man was ok, but he too, soon left. My son crashed into a mom riding a bike with her kid, a jogger and a rollerblader. If you were on the track, he crashed into you. I tried my damnedest to stop him, but frankly, I just couldn't catch up.

About 20 minutes of trying to teach him how to ride a 2 wheel bike at a park full of people, I now was trying to teach him at an empty park. I wanted to so very badly, put up a big cardboard sign stating that "I was sorry to all of the folks that my son ran over", but I never got around to doing it. Poor people.

But my son finally learned, so that means no more casualties.

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