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40 weeks

Posted Apr 01 2013 11:13am
Okay, so I'm being brave today. Here's the belly one week postpartum, post 2VBAC: 

 photo PhotoGrid_1364825285416_zps7ae74137.jpg
1 week postpartum

 photo PhotoGrid_1364825486197_zps62d6082f.jpg
39 weeks - 1 week postpartum

I know I like to see postpartum pics as motivation and also out of pure curiosity. Especially post-cesarean and post-VBAC belly pics. My pregnancy with Franky left me with silvery stretch marks and his delivery, with a horizontal scar. It always helps me to see other c-section tummies and c-section "shelves" because I know I'm not alone and I realize how beautiful and capable our bodies are. During this pregnancy I was curious about 2VBAC bellies because I'd never seen one.

I'm still very swollen and still have more than half of what I gained to lose yet, but I'm bouncing back quicker this time than I did after my first VBAC, which kind of surprises me considering this delivery took a much bigger toll on my body than the last one. I think breastfeeding, being in good health and good shape pre-pregnancy and also having a vaginal delivery have a lot to do with my healing. I have to admit, even though we almost needed a c-section, I am really glad we were able to do it vaginally (and unmedicated at that! I promise I'm not bragging, I'm just really proud and can't believe we did it again :)).

I was so sore and tender the first few days that I just can't begin to imagine how much more difficult it would have been had I had a c-section. A week postpartum and I basically can do most things I did before I delivered. I know all cesareans are different and everyone's healing is different, but my healing with Franky was horrible. It was almost two weeks before I could sit or stand or get out of bed on my own. Ryan had to help me do it because my belly hurt so much. I stopped taking pain meds once we were home from the hospital so I'm sure that didn't help, but they made me loopy and I didn't like the feeling. Then it was at least another month before I was able to do everything normally again, without constant pain in my belly. This time, I'm sore at my episiotomy site and feel more uterine crampiness, but other than that, I feel good.

I gained 30 lbs total with Harrison, weighing 148 lbs the day he was born. I am down 13 lbs so far and weighed 135 lbs this morning. It's coming off slowly, but surely. And I'm sure it'd be coming off more quickly if I wasn't indulging in Jimmy John's Italian Nightclubs, antipasto salads and an embarrassingly massive amount of fruit, haha. Physically, I feel good. The 'rhoid is gone, the episiotomy is a lot less sore and is healing nicely, I haven't had engorgement issues because Harrison nurses frequently and fills his belly well. I feel really good overall, but am still a little sore and achey all over. I guess after what my body did a week ago, that's to be expected, right? I am a lot more crampy in my uterus this time around, but I guess it takes more work to go back to it's previous state with each pregnancy. And I seem to cramp and have more bleeding when I'm nursing. The bleeding is still really light, which is nice cuz I'm wearing my favorite comfy white lounge pants.

I remember after Marija wanting to be able to work out again and, ummm, getting back to fulfilling wifely duties within a few weeks, but was glad I waited the full six weeks. I only had a surface tear and needed one stitch after her. This time around I am in no rush to pound the pavement or, ahem, other things, haha. I was nervous the last time around but this time I'm scared. Eek, I don't even want to think about it with the episiotomy. I know I'll be healed by then, but it still freaks me out.

Well, I'm off to eat a gigantic bowl of frosted mini wheats :) Ahhhh, the joys of eating whateverthehell I want!
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