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25 things about me

Posted Mar 17 2009 3:17pm

I have to make up some time that I’ve lost here on the blog…

  1. I have TWO clocks on my desktop now - since I totally stood up a conference room of people. One is set to Eastern Standard Time,  AND  to make it perfectly clear - it says EST on the face.
  2. My favorite job of all time: the one in which I bossed people around, handed out money, investigated ignition sources, and got to carry around an extra pair of shoes.  Yep.  I was the friendly neighbourhood Insurance Adjuster.
  3. The fact that my eyebrows were NOT waxed at my wedding is a source of embarrassment.  Oh - I AM that deep.
  4. My toe nails are at the moment are a dark hot pink, my fav color of all time was the bright orange I had on last summer.
  5. I have two maternal grandmothers.  This used to be unique.  Not so much any more in our blended families of today.
  6. My wedding rings are not the ones I was married with.  That’s a great story (for me at least).
  7. I remember my hubby’s first Palm Pilot, and how embarrassed I was every time he pulled it out.  He might as well of had a pocket protector and masking tape on his glasses.   And oh!  The fights that I picked in those days.  Now I’m too tired to fight more than four or five times a day.
  8. I am a dog person.  I own a cat.
  9. I have five or six Jinormous Bibles in my bedroom.  I barely crack one open, once a week.  I’d like to improve this.
  10. I spend more than 8 hours per day on my laptop.  I’m undecided if this should change.
  11. I use Lysol wipes.  I am ashamed of the waste, but not so much that I don’t use them.  And I wish they had disposable shower covers.
  12. I ‘play’ piano.
  13. I dream of writing children’s Sunday School curriculum one day.
  14. I knew everything about parenting before having children.  No.  I really did.  I swear.  My theory is that childbirth kills those specific parenting cells: a result of the fall.  (Now I KNOW you want me teaching your kids Sunday School.)
  15. I wear surgical gloves in the kitchen.  I hate touching blood.  I eat meat.
  16. I want my home to feel like a Mediterranean villa.   So I painted the dining room orange.  It doesn’t look Mediterranean.
  17. Yet.
  18. We were asked to be a Nelson family (the ones that they survey to record our tv viewing/ radio listening habits.  I refuse to put Nelson receiver pagers on my children.  End of discussion.
  19. I really love shopping for digital scrapbooking graphics.  I don’t digitally scrapbook.
  20. I wear pink.  Nearly every day.  90% of the time on the outside.
  21. Most common phrase spoken to Megan yesterday:  I don’t answer why.
  22. Most common phrase spoken to Emma yesterday:  Wow!  That’s very beautiful.
  23. Most common phrase spoken to Haley yesterday:  It’s a tie between Good job and Stop It!
  24. My favorite chocolate right now:  Sugar Free Chocolate Peppermint Paddies
  25. On number #18.  I caved.  We wear meters now. ALL of us.  This should earn me a pony on my birthday.  (or something else I wish, when I wish it.)

Okay.  Now I’m back in bloggy mode: sharing more information than anyone wants to know, in a way that only I can understand, and still feel as though I’m the most popular girl on the block.  Ah.  Its a good bloggy life.

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