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22 Awesome Etsy Jewelry Artists To Find The Perfect Gift

Posted Nov 16 2008 10:19pm

I haven’t met a woman yet who doesn’t like some sort of jewelry and since I’m all about Etsy these days, I wanted to highlight 22 artists who make some awesome jewelry. Since Christmas, and my wife’s birthday is RIGHT around the corner, I wanted to put together a list of great Etsy artists where you can find the perfect gift for your wife or that special female on your list.

My wife is a fairly conservative woman and doesn’t wear “big” {<– for lack or a better word} jewelry so most of these artists tend to have more simple and elegant pieces of jewelry. Not to say that every piece they make is subtle, but these are artists that I find provide some great looking and unique jewelry. Some of these artists may focus on just rings or necklaces, but I tried to find artists who had a broad range of product offering.

If you have even spent any time on Etsy, you probably have noticed that there are thousands upon thousands of pages of jewelry to choose from. And although I think that these artists offer some amazing pieces, there’s no way to cover and review every artist out there. I’m sure there are many more great shops but these will provide you a great place to start and you’ll probably find “the” gift for your wife or girlfriend. Happy shopping!

You might be wondering why 22…why not 20 or 25 or even 30. Well…I picked out twenty of these Etsy shops (just by chance) and in the mean time my wife found a couple more that she wanted me to add to the list. I thought about getting rid of 2 of them to make and even 20 but as I looked back over these artist, and all they offer, I couldn’t find one that I wanted to cut. I found it much easier to just change the title than to try and edit the list.

Anyway - I hope you like the list and if you are an Etsy artist or know of a great Etsy artist and you want to be featured in future posts, either leave me a comment below or shoot me an email (dtwainright at gmail dot com). And while you’re hear, be sure to subscribe to my RSS feed or have updates delivered straight to your inbox so you’ll never miss out on any awesome articles.

All images are property of their respective owner and are used here as reference to Etsy artist

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