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20% Off From Proflowers - Contest Winners Announced

Posted Feb 10 2009 11:06am

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! It was great to hear from all of you and all of the winners have been contacted via email.

If you didn’t win one of the $70 gift cards - don’t worry! has generously offered 20% off your order to anyone who wants to send some flowers for Valentine’s Day. No entry required!

To get the 20% make sure and click this link!

Here are the winners of the $70 Gift Cards:

Tom said:

I used to have flowers delivered to my wife at her workplace every year on Valentine’s day. Since she changed jobs this last year and now spends her time driving around town, this year I’m faced with a challenge. It might be a bit spendy to get a flower delivery van to find her on the road and catch up with her as she’s driving along. I may have to have them delivered to the house instead, and just start a new tradition. Hmmm.

Ryan said:

I had to ask my wife when the last time I got her flowers was. I know… no points for me there. It was back when we were in college, which is almost 2 years back. Apparently, she came to pick me up from class and I had flowers for her–totally random. Go me! Unfortunately, I don’t remember this. However, she says she kept the flowers on the table until they were all dead and then a little longer after that just because she liked them so much.

And why would I deserve a gift card? I wouldn’t, but my wife would deserve 60 tulips (which looks like what I could get for $70) because she’s the most patient, talented, and loving wife I could ask for. She’s perfect for me, and I tell her so. It would be doubly awesome to tell her so with 60 tulips instead of just my two-lips….

Okay, is that joke overused?

Andy said:

We’ve been together 17 years and it wasn’t until about two years ago that I even realized she wanted flowers. I’ve always thought of my wife as a no-nonsense type of gal; she’s not often frilly and having flowers delivered just didn’t seem to “fit”.

We were having a particularly bad day, courtesy of me. Even now I can’t remember exactly what I did that teed her off (I’m quite sure that SHE remembers), but while reading my pedigree she busts out with “AND you never sent me flowers at work” and then she started to cry. Whatever I was trying to defend myself over suddenly seemed very unimportant and I felt about 2 inches tall. Then she drove the nail in the coffin “Whenever a delivery of flowers come into work, I always hope that maybe they are for me..but you never did and now I don’t want them because I had to tell you I want them”. Houston, we have a problem.

In my defense, I have picked up a bouquet of flowers at the grocery store for her before and I have never forgotten a birthday, anniversary or holiday. She explained that it’s different when you get them at work and everyone sees that you were special enough to have flowers SENT to you. I get it now, I think. I equate it to having all the guys over to look at my new car…it’s even better when everyone gets to see and admire your new ride. I still do feel bad that all those Valentine’s Days and anniversaries went by and it must have hurt her to be one of those people hoping for flowers and never getting them. After that I vowed to send her flowers at work at least once a year. Last year, it was a nice bouquet of flowers in red vase for our anniversary and the florist was a big help picking something out.

Eliot said:

The last time my wife received flowers from me was early on in our dating. We had been seeing each other for almost a year and I sent her a vase of white roses to work. As a bit of a romantic I wanted her to know that I thought what we had was a long term thing (roses mean eternity). Since then, as we’ve been together longer and become closer our gifts have become more personal.

For our first (dating) anniversary I bought her a box of chocolates in a wooden jewelry box from a company in France, because her biggest dream was to see Paris. For our 5 year anniversary I was finally able to take her (alright, I used frequent flier points) there and make that a reality. I proposed to her right there in Paris and we were married a year later. Now we have a baby together and one on the way, and I’m happier than I think I’ve ever been.

I would like to remind my wife that for me - this is forever. So getting this gift certificate will allow me to get white roses and a box of French truffles and hopefully bring back memories of our time together and make a promise of days to come.

Hopeless Romantic, Husband, & Father

Todd said:

My wife had a miscarriage the early part of January. It was cold and overcast for several days leading up to her D&C. I sent her a spring-like arrangement of flowers that included two of her favorite flowers to help brighten her day.

There’s also a Fresh Market that I drive by on my way home from work so every few months I like to run in there and grab a dozen red roses to bring home with me. They used to sell them for $9 but they just bumped their prices up to $15. That’s alright, she’s every bit worth that and so much more.

Thanks again to everyone who entered and make sure you take advantage of the 20% right away to avoid and extra shipping fees. I hope you all have a wonderful and romantic Valentine’s Day!

Picture courtesy of Flickr : A Rose By Any Other Name

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