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2 steps forward, 1 step back

Posted Jun 26 2006 12:00am

Another slight setback this past weekend, as Libby had a few heartrate drops and wasn't able to come home as anticipated. They've done some additional tests, and looks like she has mild reflux that may be contributing. She's on day 2 of 7 for the new cycle, and we hope to bring her home this Sunday. Hard not to get our hopes up too much, but better to be safe than sorry, right?

The alpha-male was also diagnosed with some bigtime reflux issues, and they've put him on some medication to hopefully curb some of the effects. He's still requiring some oxygen assistance, and has about 3 weeks to go. Doctors have indicated if he's doing well by that point, he may come home with some oxygen and a monitor to help ease him into life with 4 girls...

Despite the bummer news, we cannot complain one bit. If reflux is the worst thing our kids are faced with, we are beyond blessed at this point. It is very common and many times expected with preemies! Additional updates on everyone below:

Simple math for Russ: Less hair = More chins!

"How am I doing? I've got another tube down my nose, just coughed up my lunch, can't go home for another week, and now you're doing a photo shoot......How do you think I'm doing?" - Libby

"One of these days Molly......POW! right to the kisser...." - Ally
"On your mark.....Get Set........Fill your shorts!"

This photo taken just after Gen performed the original score from South Pacific for the girls. Looks like Molly shares Daddy's feelings about those musicals, and Ally has resorted to playing "dead" in hopes that she'll get the hint.
Lots O' Love for kiddos
Tons of visitors for the babies, thanks to everyone for making the trip over!
From left to right starting at the top:
-Cousin Carlie & Ally
- Aunt Paula & Carlie
- Papa John & Grandma Deb
-Grandma Dones
- Cousins Joe & Patrick
-Uncle Mike & Papa John
- Aunt Nikki & Aunt Melissa (with Gen)
- Aunt Eileen

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