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2-Mom Families

Posted Oct 22 2007 12:00am

If I wasn't addicted to the whole idea of a baby in our house before, I have become even more addicted since finding this whole wide world of lesbian moms online.
Now I am no rookie when it comes to reading or writing online journals. I was reading way before I started my own about 6 years ago on diaryland....then I moved over to livejournal. However, this is different. Those blogs were written to keep up with friends, both online and in real life. This one serves a purpose. I want to be able to show our future child what we were thinking as we were undergoing this process of making him/her. I love that other families, that started just like ours, as two women in love, have done the same thing.
I just keep finding more and more and more. I will start reading one, and then see a link for another, and so on. I find myself having to pry myself away from the computer. I just think that all of these families are so amazing. Maybe its because I know that 2-mom families have to be meticulously planned. Whatever the case, I wish I had more time in my day to read these blogs, find more of them, watch the tickers grow, and gush over the adorable kids.

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