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2/9/09 Nancy Grace needs to get through menopause gracefully !!

Posted May 14 2009 4:34pm

Who ..?
My one and only night time nemesis. Nancy Grace..Yup..
You see because I work nights, I have the luxury of catching her putrid show 5x a week. She used to rock back in the day , but not now. Lately, all that she has been is a snot nosed, crying baby. It drives me insane.

First of all, half the fucking show is dedicated to her "twins" * said in my best nasally voice*.
Now, I don't know about you guys , but I don't put CNN on to watch babies crying and cooing and shit. CNN is supposed to be hard core, not the fucking birthing channel..

Secondly, ever since she gave birth to the *twins* , all she ever does is cry. She could be doing a promo about tampons and she'd cry about it. I swear, it has been one hell of a menopausal crisis for her. Half the damned time she can't talk and when she does, she sounds like her nose is completely full of snot. She makes me want to stick a bulb syringe up her nasal cavity and call it a day. Do us all the favor.

Last and I'm sure not least. She is forever speaking of her dead fiance'. Listen, I'm sure the shit was tragic, but lady it was 30 years ago .. YOUR MARRIED NOW WITH *TWINS* REMEMBER? I'd hate to be her husband, always having to live in the shadows of her dead"fiance'" How to you compete ?
I can give her something tragic to talk about. How about how Nancy Grace can't get threw menopause gracefully without annoying the shit out of her viewers. Now, that would be worth watching.

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