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19 weeks.

Posted Nov 05 2012 8:54am
 19 weeks

How big is baby/milestones:  He's about the size of a large heirloom tomato, weighs about 8.5 oz and measures about 6 inches, crown-to-rump. 
Total weight gain/loss:  13 lbs total, putting me at 131 lbs.
Maternity clothes: Yes! All of my pre-pregnancy clothes were mostly summer clothes, all shorts and tank tops, so even if they fit, it's too cold out to wear them. I held out on buying maternity clothes for a while because I was having a hard time finding things that were my style, fit right and that weren't ridiculously expensive. I have had a lot of luck the last few weeks with Target maternity and Old Navy maternity. At Target I got two super cute sweaters in size XS on sale. I think the brand is Liz Lange. And so far I've ordered from Old Navy online twice. Both times I got everything on sale with free shipping and with an additional 25% off. My first Old Navy order included a pair of skinny jeans (I ordered in a size S - equivalent to a size 4) and they fit like a glove and are super comfy. Then I ordered a long-sleeved tee and two tank tops, all in size S, although I wish I'd have gotten them in XS cuz Old Navy stuff tends to run big (at least for me). They size S stuff will definitely fit through the rest of my pregnancy, which is nice, but it is a bit big now. The second order I made included a pair of flare jeans (also in a size 4) and these were bigger than the skinny jeans, but I'm glad because hopefully they'll fit through 37+ weeks. I also got one shirt in XS, which fits perfect and is so comfy, and then another tank and long-sleeved shirt in size S cuz they didn't have XS. I was never thrilled about maternity clothes with Franky or Mimi cuz I never found any that fit me right, but this time around I'm loving finding things that are cute and fit right.   Sleep:  I'm sleeping well, but still waking up at least once to pee or get more comfortable.
Best moment of the week:  Picking out baby boy's name, making our first baby purchase (a "baby brother" onesie) and feeling lots more regular movement. Every kick has me falling deeper and deeper in love with this little boy.
Food cravings/aversions:  Bigelow Spiced Chai Tea, hot, sweetened with a bit of sugar and half & half. No food cravings. Mostly, I crave anything that happens to sound good right at that moment. Like yesterday when I ordered an Arby's Beef & Cheddar, but asked that lettuce, tomato and mayo be added to it. It was delicious but I know I'd never eat something like that not pregnant, haha.

Symptoms: I have to pee a lot more often, my back gets achey if I'm on my feet too much, some tightening in my uterus (I'm guessing early Braxton Hicks contractions, as I had them super early in both previous pregnancies) breast tenderness, hernia pain. This is right around when my umbilical hernia and diastasis recti started hurting me when I was pregnant with Marija too, so I invested in another belly band from Target (I think it's called a Beband) which I wear with non-maternity pants for extra support. My maternity pants have the full panel and are snug, so they offer support on their own. I am getting my energy back but get tired a lot more easily and definitely need more sleep to function like a normal human being.
Movement:  Lots and lots of strong, frequent movement.
  Gender:  BOY!!! I had a feeling it was a boy and I'm secretly excited I was right. I predicted boy with Franky and girl with Marija based on gut feelings. I'm not one of those "I'm always right" type of people, but for some reason, I get a kick out of knowing my intuition was right all three times. We've been thinking about nicknames lately too. "Harry" is the most common nickname for Harrison, but I am not a fan of it at all. Other nicknames we've read or heard about are "Sonny," "Harris," and "Reese." I like all three alternatives and I'm sure we'll use one or all of them at some point. What I’m looking forward to:  Getting into the best part of the second trimester and really just relishing every moment of this pregnancy. Also, the Baby Shower at my hospital, which is basically just orientation with fun door prizes. I delivered Marija the day of the Baby Shower the last time, so I didn't get to participate but I'm looking forward to going this time. We'll do a full tour of the Labor and Delivery unit in the Birthing Center and will meet all the OBs and Midwives on staff. I'm also looking forward to going over some things with my midwife that I forgot to last time, like who will do the circumcision (I know this is a controversial topic, but Ryan and I have discussed it and it is a decision that we feel is best for our sons. I don't judge anyone who does or doesn't circumcize, nor do I have strong feelings one way or the other, it's just what's right for our family.), how I will go about keeping my placenta (we've decided to plant it, probably in a pot until we decide on a final place for it - also we're still thinking about what we'll plant over it, some kind of flower or tree probably), and donating the cord blood (we can't afford to store it but would love for it to help someone in need).
What I miss: Cold cut sandwiches and ice-cold beer. Like, I could kill for a Jimmy John's Italian Nightclub sub and a Corona with lime right about now.
How I feel: Happy, blessed and incredibly grateful for another healthy baby.
Belly button in or out: Still in for now.
  Labor signs: None.  
Stretch marks: Just the ones from my first pregnancy.
19 weeks,
I feel like I am finally enjoying this pregnancy. I'm finally showing and not just looking like I ate too much, finally over the worst of the sickness and am finally feeling more like myself. We would love to have more babies in the future but in case we don't, I am trying my best to really appreciate and enjoy this pregnancy. I am anxious to meet my second little boy, but also want to soak up the time I have left with just Franky and Mimi because I know my time will be triply divided once baby boy is here. I'm really loving the ages they're both at and loving their littleness. They are increasingly independent, but still need me for most things and I really treasure that. I know first-hand how fast the time goes by and I know their littleness won't last forever, so I try to make the most out of and appreciate their need for me.     19 weeks Franky (left), Mimi (middle), Harrison (right)
I'm already dreaming about CD stuff for this baby, haha! Since most of my CD stash is gender neutral and we have a few blue CDs, I won't need much for Harrison. I do want to get Flip Newborn Stay Dry inserts because they're smaller and much less bulkier than the regular inserts. I will probably also use them in my Bumgenius OS dipes too.  I am SO loving the Bumgenius Newborn AIO's, but I tend to grow my babies big (Franky - 10 lbs 8 oz 23 in. Marija - 8 lbs 1 oz 20 in.) and they go from 6-12 lbs, so I know Harrison will outgrow them in just a matter of weeks.

Well, this post has gotten a lot longer than I intended, so I'll stop for now, but will be back soon!
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