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18 weeks.

Posted Oct 29 2012 12:18pm
 18 week belly 

I saw my midwife, Jan, a few days ago and it was good news all around. I am back to regular risk but will be monitored by genetics (they're keeping an eye on Baby B and how my body is reabsorbing). I have another ultrasound in a few weeks and also have an echocardiogram scheduled to take a closer look at baby boy's heart.

 18 weeks,
I am starting to feel a lot more like myself, thank God. My energy is coming back and I'm a lot less nauseous throughout the day. I'm at 131 lbs, which puts me at 13 lbs gained so far. I made a few more maternity purchases, including a few sweaters from Target and another online order from Old Navy, where I got free shipping, sale prices and an additional 25% off. I'm finally finding things that don't look maternity, are fairly priced and fit and look cute.

 I don't have any 18 week pix from Franky, but here I am at 18 weeks with Mimi (left) and 18 weeks with Harrison (right).
I was faced with a situation I was not prepared for recently. I talked to someone for the first time who didn't know we'd lost one of the twins. I'll be honest, I was caught completely off-guard and it totally took my breath away. I almost didn't know how to respond but my immediate reaction was just to say we lost one baby a few weeks back but that the other one, a boy, looked fantastic. It was uncomfortable for both of us, I think, because they felt so bad for asking and I felt bad for them feeling bad.

Baby boy has a name
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