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15 Parenting Truths - Day 5

Posted Feb 03 2009 1:20am

(Not my babies feet - Alison’s baby’s feet but I did take the picture.)


In honor of change - check out the pigs - they no longer stick straight up. Believe it or not I cried - my little girl is growing up! And this position shows just how flexible she is - and she sits like this ALL the time!


I love how he is saying some on lets go have some fun - and they did…he makes me laugh when he does that! (Can you tell the room with the best light is their room - they LOVE to play in there and I love to take pictures in there!)

5. Just when you think you have things all figured out, the child’s habits will change and you’ll have another hefty challenge on your hands.

Oh lord – can someone remind me of this daily? I have only been with my children for three months but if you go back over the last three months of posts my issues change and the only constant is SLEEP issues. I am sure my world is about to be turned completely upside down again soon as Little Man is working on walking more than holding onto my hand. When that happens it will be hard to keep them contained to the small areas we contain them too now. I would give ANYTHING to go back to the massive sleep issues we had when we first came home over the eating issues we have now – our biggest problem there is that whether they are full or not when meal time is over and the dishes are removed they go into full meltdown mode even if they are not hungry. We know that in Korea the bottle was used to comfort them in place of a pacifier etc… so we know that food is a source of comfort to them. We have been trying to show them we can comfort them and not food – we try to make sure they are full before the dish is removed so that it is not the hunger talking. This has been so hard for us – but I am sure the terrible twos will lead to so many stories of fits etc that this will seem easy J And don’t get me started on trying to take pictures when the way to get them smiling is changing daily – I would LOVE to enter the I heart Faces contest this week as Little Princess CONSTANTLY shows pure joy in her smile and laugh – but this week when I need the picture she frowns EVERYTIME I get the camera out. I even tried just letting her play and setting up the shot that way (this usually works especially if I let Little Man play with her but NOT this week) – so we will see if not I will enter the picture of her on yesterday’s post…not my best but does convey joy!

Anyone want to share their experiences? (And trust me the next few days are GOOD ones and I have another post about things starting with T to get to J )

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