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13 Things I have Learned this week

Posted Aug 27 2009 9:57pm

I used to participate in Thursday 13 a long time ago. One day it just disappeared! So when I saw that some lovely people have started it up again, I was thrilled to jump back in and share my random, probably useless lists of 13 LOL


So, this week:  13 Things I have learned this week…..

1. I have learned that if it only took 5 minutes for Giorgia to tidy up her bedroom, I should check in her cupboard for the pile of mess.

2. I have learned that I should double-check that William has ordered the correct size card for his cell phone because when it gets delivered and it’s the wrong size, it will be my fault.

3. I have learned that if people in our street don’t mow their lawns often enough, the old guy will give you a hint by mowing the council strip out the front of your house…(this hasn’t happened to us though. Bill mows our lawns regularly. Not like our neighbour!)

(For non-Aussies, the council strip is the 5 metre strip of land between the road and your property line.)

4. I have learned if Bill’s laptop is playing up, it’s always someone else’s fault even though no-one uses his laptop but him.

5. I have learned that I shouldn’t have said anything about going away because the kids will want to pack 3 weeks before we go away!

6. I have learned that my car must have an invisible taxi sign on top. I have seriously been considering installing a meter and a beaded seat cover.

7. I have learned that I should take my own advice and never, NEVER download software if I’m not 100% that it’s safe. :(

8. I have learned that even though I have asked the kids not to use my shampoo and conditioner, one of them will. I’m still trying to catch the culprit.

9. I have learned that there are 1.0 USB ports and 2.0 USB ports…and the 2.0 USB port web cam we bought, of course, doesn’t work on the laptop it was meant to be used on.

10. I have learned that we now have 2 wedding to go in November in the space of 2 weeks…I’ll just HAVE to buy two new dresses ;)

11. I have learned that when you put something in a safe place, you should REALLY remember where that safe place is.

12. I have learned that coming up with 13 things I have learned is hard! LOL

13. I have learned that next week I will choose an easier subject to base my Thursday 13 on.


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