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101 Questions Kids Really Ask…And The Answers They Need to Know, A Parents Guide Through Puberty by Mary H. Halter

Posted Aug 22 2009 10:05pm

101book Healthy Edudynamics is a source for all parents with kids at the age where they are all questions.  And sometimes we have no idea how to answer them.  I remember asking my mom way back in the late 60’s how do you get babies? She just stared at me with this shocked look and said she would tell me when I was older.  I just shrugged and went on my merry way.  Until a girlfriend at school sat about five of us close friends down in the playground at recess and let it all out. I remember thinking no way do my parents do THAT!!! So it was a big shock and needless to say if my Mom had this book to reference it would have gone much smoother.  I think this is a must have and every parent should have this , in fact it would be a great book to give at a baby shower, really! It covers real questions from real kids from all ages. It also come with a DVD called A Time To Talk, and it was just so full of great information that I think teachers should have this in their classrooms! I loved it and it is a definite keeper for the book shelf!! You can also check them out at:

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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