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10 Things Worth Saving

Posted Dec 23 2008 9:27pm
To try to motivate my writing, I think I'm going to attempt this writing assignment thing-y that I I found on Kats blog. Each Wednesday she lists 4 ideas to write about, and then people can choose one (or all, if you're one of those kinds....) and write about it. This week I'm choosing #3. List 10 things worth saving then choose one of those things and write about it. I'm going to switch it up just a little, and write a little about each one instead of just choosing one. I'm a rebel, I know!

Okay, so ten things worth saving according to Moi:

1. Your virginity.
Amen? I mean, obviously, this doesn't work well if you're married, but definitely something I hope my kids will hold onto until the day they're married. One can hope and pray, right?

2. A book that touched you so much you can never forget it.
If I read a book and it was so good it changed me in some way, I definitely hold onto it. Two books I can think of off the top of my head are Redeeming Love and Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas. With each book, I changed some aspect of my life or my thinking about life.

3. Your memories in a journal.
Memories fade with time which is why I feel like it's so important to keep a journal. It's keeps the memories alive and fresh, and then they are able to be passed down to the ones who want to hear them. I've always kept a journal for myself and it's always amazing when I take time and sit and read through all the years. It brings me back and allows me to see how far I've come. I also keep a journal for Taylor and one for Jimmy. Of anything to keep, I think this is the most important one.

4. Journals: See above #3
Obviously, once you save your memories, save the journals. ;-)

5. A thoughtful note from a spouse, friend or family member.
This I love. I have a handful of cards, notes and letters from different family members or friends that when I read them really made me feel good. I hold onto these. And sometimes when I'm feeling down or in a little pity party I can pull them out and re-read them. It definitely helps.

6. Your children's art, cards, or other things they've made.
I also keep a keepsake box for Taylor and have started one for Chloe as well. In it I keep special art projects, cards, notes, pictures....anything that I think they would love to hold onto as adults.

7. Abused and neglected children.
I feel so strongly about saving these kids. It breaks my heart to think of our children, BABIES!!!, being abused in this way and because of money we can't save them. It's ridiculous.

8. A copy of a song that brings you back.
I have a lot of CD's that I've kept just because it has that "one" song. Either it makes me happy, brings me back to a special time, or it helps me to remember....Whatever the reason, I keep it and there's always a moment when I bring it back out that I'm so glad I did!

9. Money.
Hopefully this is obvious with all thats going on with the economy. Now is definitely not the time to be spending what we don't have.

10. A picture where you look hot, even if nobody else in the picture does. ;-)
We all do it. Don't pretend you don't. ;-)

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