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10 Best Board Games for Families with Teens and Tweens

Posted Mar 03 2009 2:19pm 1 Comment
Apples to Apples
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My family is obsessed with games.  We play card games, board games and car games all the time.  Why I think every family should try to have game night:

-Playing board games is a great way for kids and teens to develop social skills.

-Playful competition can get rid of any tension in the family.

-Games is a great way to get to know your child.  Whether it is with actual get-to-know-you style games or just plain fun, you can learn what kind of character your child has.

-You can teach values through board games.  You can teach your kids about losing well, being honest and being a good sport while playing board games!

-Great way to bond without having long serious talks

-Games can be educational! Lots of word and math games below that can help develop good language skills.

Here are some of my favorite games for families:

1) Scene It

For teens who are movie buffs, this is awesome. They also have Disney Scene It, Seinfeld Scene It and Harry Potter Scene It.

2) SAT Game for Dummies

OK, this is not as cool, but if you have to study for the SAT…this is the best way to do it!

3) Card Games

Great for when you are traveling, I like Pitch, Gin Rummy, and Crazy Eights (google ‘em).

4) Quiddler

My family and I love this game of words, really great for teaching kids language smarts!

5) Scategories

This always gets us laughing and is good for all ages.

6) Pop Cranium

We love Cranium too, but this one is better for the myriad of ages in our family, plus it is Pictionary, Charades and word games all rolled into one.

7) Clue

Who doesn’t love a good game of mystery? (Answer: My mom hates this game and we always fight her to play it.)

8) Them vs Us

If you have the perfect nuclear family with mom daughter and father son, this game is a great battle of the sexes (just leave out the sex cards).

9) Scrabble

Another one that is great for word building, this is a classic great game to always have in the house.

10) Apples to Apples

I play this with my friends all the time because it is a great way to get to know each of your family members as a person.  It also always gets some good laughs.

Go get playing!

This post is dedicated to my cousins Sean, Christian and David Lane who are a big part of our board-game obsessed family.  Great croquet partners as well and one budding entrepreneur, thanks for always making me laugh at family get-togethers!

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10 Best Board Games for Families with Teens and Tweens

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Word games are the best. I am glad to have seen Scrabble on this list, but would have moved it up higher.  I haven't played Quiddler, though I have heard that is a good one as wel.  Boggle???  Love that one.  I also have been enjoying a new word game (though it certainly isn’t a classic at this point) called 5 To Close. It's a good variation because it is a word game played in teams. I also haven’t played Jumble yet, but I have heard great things about it and it has been recommended to me by others.
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