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This is the blog of two women on the path to parenthood. We are currently using known donor sperm and doing home inseminations. We have had one pregnancy that ended in miscarriage at 15 weeks.
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Reminder - we have moved! If you have not received the new blog address, please email and we'll be sure to send it your...


Since Blogger does not offer password protection, J and I decided a while ago that after e was born we would switch over to Word Press. Please...


Hi friends! Since we haven't had a chance to sit down and write out the birth story, we thought we would share a few of our favorite pictures...


Hi everyone! We are home with little "e" (as she'll be known here) and are just starting to get settled. We are both beyond thrilled that she's...

The name!

J, B, and E expect to be home from the hospital tomorrow morning, so I'm sure you'll get to hear the details and see more...

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