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i have pain, numbness and tingling left hand post radial venipuncture

At the time of the venipuncture the pain was more excruciating than an arterial blood gas being drawn. The pain has now radiated up my arm,...
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Apr 26 2009 by injured
Its abt 12 days into my venipuncture where midway during the blood collection process, i had experienced a sharp bursting pain in  my left inner elbow nearer the left palm. After the venipuncture, I had similar pain like yours on my left arm, shoulders and neck but no numbness. No facial twitching though. I also dont hv all these prior to venipuncture. Went back to the clinic who did this and was referred to 2 specialist - sports surgeon and a neurologist. Was told cld be skin nerve/cutaneous nerve got injured in venipuncture process. I was given cold cream and some medicine for pain relief and was told maybe it will heal over time. To monitor and review again.  Todate am feelin slightly better but some pain still persists during certain movements, and sometimes my palm swells when i move it. Hopefully it will recover. Hope you are feeling better too.


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