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I am an IT consultant who is very interested in Computer Ergonomics and Health.
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Quit Smoking with Electronic Cigarettes?

An electronic cigarette is a battery operated smoking device. The rechargeable device contains no tobacco and requires no flame. It produces a...

10 Electronic Cigarette FAQs

The electronic cigarette is quickly rising in popularity as more smokers become aware of it as a healthier smoking alternative.  For the first...

Word Prediction Software - Reduce Number of Keystrokes

Since Voice recognition may not always be a feasible solution for your workplace you may at least be able to reduce the number of keystrokes. The...

Stop Crumbs from Spreading: The Keyboard Food Tray (or Fool Tray)

OK, we already work in bad postures with a non-ergonomic setup as you can see in the picture. And now we don't even have to get up anymore to eat....

Addicted to Gadgets? Just sit still and relax!

  Everywhere I see people punching BlackBerries, scrolling iPods and clicking video game controllers. What happened to just relaxing,...

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