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Toronto, Canada
OTAVA Ltd. is an international science-based chemical company founded in 1997. Our company carries a diverse set of products and services for pharmaceutical companies, universities, research institutes and government agencies. We specialize in the development and production of building blocks, screening compounds, fluorescent dyes and kinase-related products, including various inhibitors and kinase focused libraries. Our facilities and highly-experienced personnel make possible a variety... Full Bio
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Voltage-Gated Sodium Channel Blockers Library from OTAVA

Voltage-gated sodium channels are a class of large integral membrane proteins, composed of a highly processed α subunit and one or several...

Seed Innovation Discovery Program (SIDP) from OTAVA

If your research is dedicated to the development of novel biologically active substances, new drug candidates or treatment strategies and you...

Design your target-focused library with OTAVA

  The key goal during drug design process is to limit the number of compounds among large number of available ligands for experimental testing....
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