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Referendum (Δημοψήφισμα) by Maria Verivaki Patient Expert It looks like we are going to get a referendum next Sunday after all, as it was just voted on in the Βουλή. I don't think my fellow compatriots are in a position to make ... Read on »
On being European by Maria Verivaki Patient Expert It might just be the case that Greece and not Britain will be the first country to hold a referendum about staying in or leaving the EU, if Grexit became a reality. If G ... Read on »
Book quilt by Maria Verivaki Patient Expert Dear ______, How are you? We hope you and You-know-who are both well and happy. At the moment, we are in the middle of our school exams. We know that this is a poor ... Read on »
Austerity cuisine: Life of Pie by Maria Verivaki Patient Expert My proofreading and translation work often takes me through culinary journeys - here is what I've been working on for a little while now. The culinary concept of πί ... Read on »
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Lovely view by Maria Verivaki Patient Expert Last Sunday saw me driving to Rethimno where I took a walk through the old town, before picking up my daughter from her basketball meet. There were a lot of tourists wal ... Read on »
Quilting by Maria Verivaki Patient Expert About mid-March, I decided that it really was about time I started using my fabric stashes, mainly made up of cheap remnants and used clothing whose fabric I liked. A nu ... Read on »
"EMERGENCY EXITS: Migration-Art-Identity" by Persefoni Myrtsou by Maria Verivaki Patient Expert The original publication of this text appeared in Greek in the journal Faros Alexandroupolis as part of Persefoni Myrtsou's graduate work, entitled "Contemporary migr ... Read on »
Lost in modernity, mired in ignorance by Maria Verivaki Patient Expert I have never ever understood the Greek left, and I still don't understand them now. This 'left' concept sounds democratic - in that obsolete communist way - but it can o ... Read on »