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What are the benefits of eating organic food?

Posted by Joe G.

I'm really curious to know in what ways eating organic food helps your body....
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Simple: No Pesticides. When you eat organic foods, you are not being subject to high levels of dangerous pesticides that are sprayed on regular crops. Note: While there may be some trace amounts of pesticide residue in organic foods, it is still much, much less than what is found in regular food. Additionally, organic food is grown using more sustainable methods. Pesticides are made from dangerous chemicals that pollute the environment and harm wildlife. By buying organic, you are supporting green agriculture and helping the planet.
More nutrients?. I think mass produced food is supposed to have lower levels of nutrients in addition to all those nasty pesticides. It's hard to know.

Pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and genetically altered plant products are all threats to ones health when consumed; and the prevalence of these potential allergens and carcinogens has increased dramatically with the advent of the international produce market. Other countries have vastly different standards. Certified organic food is guaranteed to be free of these threats, so by consuming organic foods you eliminate a major source of potential future illness.

And thinking 'Green', organic farming and ranching practices actually build soil and environement rather than damaging and polluting them. These practices can literally heal the earth and create a better future for our progeny.


TC Patient Expert

I agree with the lovely ladies in these comments regarding pesticides. Here is some info on the nutrient side of the issue.  It is an excerpt from my book. Live Smart: What You Don't Know About Your Food And Water Can Kill You. What You Do Know Can Heal Energize and Save You.

Organics – this is where the better side of meat is presented. Grass fed organic beef has been found to contain higher levels of Alpha Linolenic Acid, an essential fatty acid not synthesized by the body, which is part of the key omega 3 fatty acids beneficial for healthy cardiovascular function. Grass fed organic beef also has higher levels of vitamin B12 and antioxidants. Meat, eggs, and dairy from organic pasture raised animals have more “good fats” less “bad” fats and contain higher amounts of vitamin E, vitamin C, beta carotene, ALA, and antioxidants. A cow fed a grain diet that is mainly corn leads to compositional changes and upsets the natural beneficial qualities of the meat. Cows didn’t evolve to exist on corn grains; they evolved by eating grass. Do you see cows running around in corn fields pulling ears of corn off the stalks and eating the ears of corn? Fruits and vegetables grown in a truly "organic" manner have been found to contain more nutrients than those grown with synthetic fertilizers. I'll make a blog & put this and more detail there for everyone to see because this is important stuff. You look like a smart guy who works out so do the right things and try to move in that direction. Best of luck.

There are NO PROVEN HEALTH BENEFITS. Organic food is more expensive to produce and will ultimately contribute to the food crisis as the world's population increases. They also use more harmful non-synthentic "old school" pesticides because the newer, better and safer synthentic pestisides are well... synthetic!

It is also worse for the environment because instead of using chemical fertilizers that produce 0 methane emissions, they have to use natural fertilizer (literally crap) that has to come from a methane producing animal that created it. 

These organic companies are just as misleading and deceiving as the regular food companies, don't assume it is good for you just because it has the label organic!

If you want to make sure you are eating healthy food without chemical additives or preservatives: READ THE LABEL. Avoid things like MSG, trans fats and other artificial ingredients that are proven to harm people.

 Penn and Teller also have an amusing BullShit episode about this that you could look up on youtube. 

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