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Things You Should Know about Asian Shrimp Farming

Posted Sep 26 2012 4:07am

Asian shrimp is one of the most popular shrimp verities available for you. You can easily buy Asian shrimps from nearest fish market. These types of shrimps are mainly imported from India and china. Thailand shrimps are one of the delicious verities of Asian shrimps. These shrimps are taxonomically related with pacific Vannamei shrimps. Like all the other shrimp verities, Asian shrimps are widely used as food. They are often seen in oceans as well as fresh water rivers. The biological adaptations will help them to survive in salt water and hard conditions. These Asian shrimps are one of the best choices for cultivation. No external constraints can affect the growth of shrimps. If you can remove the threat of other predators, you can earn a lot of money from shrimp farming. There are many things to remember before shrimp farming.

Learn about Shrimp Farming

If you are going to try your luck in shrimp farming, try Asian shrimps. These shrimps are highly compatible with difficult situations. Sudden climate changes, salt content, and other parameters will not affect the cultivation easily. There are mainly two types of Asian shrimp farming ideas; outdoor farming and indoor farming. Both these methods can help you to cultivate Asian shrimp. If you are not a traditional farmer, it will be better to seek the help of professionals. Large scale shrimp farms can use the help of scientists and government agencies. Shrimp farming is quite easy, if you know how to feed them. It will not be a good idea to use unhealthy food items. If you want to create healthy shrimps, you can use commercial shrimp foods.

Pacific White Legged Shrimp

The pacific white legged shrimp is also known as Vannamei. It’s actually a sub species of shrimp. The Vannamei is widely used as a food item. You can easily cultivate this shrimp, with the help of salt water farmers. Salt water farming is entirely different from other farming ideas. Most of these shrimps will grow larger than 8.5 inches. These shrimps are widely seen in Pacific Ocean and Mexican sea. These sea shrimps can also survive in fresh water.

More about Vannamei

If you want to enjoy the taste of Vannamei, you can prepare the shrimp food. It is quite easy to get the Vannamei recipes from online resources. Continental, Chinese, and Indian shrimp recipes can be used to make Vannamei items. Just search the internet, to find a good shrimp recipe. Some prawn recipes can also be used to prepare Vannamei.

Asian Shrimp Recipes

Asian shrimp is one of the most delicious shrimp verities. If you want to find a good shrimp recipe, you can seek the help of internet. Almost all the famous restaurants will have a separate section for seafood items. You can also enjoy a nice evening with professional Asian shrimp food, in restaurants. It is also possible to get recipe books from book stalls and shopping malls. It will help you to prepare Asian shrimp food easily. More Information about thailand shrimps by siamcanadian.


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