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The 'dirty dozen'

Posted by Kelly S.

Consumer reports labeled these fruits and vegetables the 'dirty dozen' because they are filled with pesticides and says you should buy organic when you can...Apples, bell peppers, celery, cherries, imported grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, red raspberries, spinach, and strawberries.
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that's a good tip, I've heard that many fruits and veggies are worth going organic for, so it's nice to know which ones you should!
When you can't buy all organic, I've heard a few rules of thumb. One is that fruits and veggies that grow in or low to the ground, and those with a thin skin which you eat should be the first to go on your "organic" shopping list. This seems to match the dirty dozen pretty well.
This just tells me I need to stick to my organic lifestyle. I really try to stick to organic vegetables and fruit. Sure it's a seasonal choice but worth it for a healthier lifestyle. Organic is best for the planet, too.
I'd meant to say that I've heard many fruits and veggies are NOT worth buying. So this dirty dozen list is great because you know which produce deserves the extra pennies that organic foods cost
I think it's also really important to add chicken and eggs to the list. It's good idea to buy free range, organic chicken and eggs. The price may be a little higher, but just think about what a typically chicken coop looks like and then imagine free range organic chickens. It's work the extra $$.
I'm surprised to see that carrots are not on the list, since they grow in the ground and the ground can easily be polluted with all sorts of bad things, plus they have a thinner skin than potatoes.

I found an article that lists both fruits and veggies that are "dirty" Check it out:

Good luck!


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