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Soaked Almonds

Posted Nov 18 2007 11:48pm 4 Comments

Lately, I have started soaking some organic almonds overnight. The next morning, I peel the skin off and then eat a couple of almonds. I give some to my kids as well. They taste great and are said to be good for us to have this way. You can check out more at

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what are you soaking them in? I know raw almonds are supposed to be better for you than salted/roasted, but is that just because of the salt? Or is there something about cooking them that takes away their nutrients?
Some schools of thought say you should soak your almonds to help with the digestion process. I don't soak mine and never have a problem digesting them. Almonds are one of the most beneficial foods for us all. They contain vitamin E and Zinc. Plus they are known for their tumor-fighting compound called laetrile.
I soak them in water. I also do not have a problem with digestion, but soaked almonds are said to be easily assimilated by the body. I do not know how true it is, but I like the taste of soaked almonds minus the peel.
According to Dr. Howell, who has been studying enzymes since the 1950's, seeds and nuts, have enzyme inhibitors thereby causing our bodies to wastefully produce enzymes to try to digest them.  Soaking prevents the body from manufacturing enzymes unneccessarily.  He states the body only has a limited amount that it can make in a lifetime.       Mori C
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