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Posted by Nancy B.

Using an organic milk, natural ingredients and a yogurt maker, a Louisville woman says she can make seven six-ounce servings of organic yogurt for about $2. And, she says, it’s delicious. “Much of the store-bought yogurt is too sweet and contains artificial flavors and colors,” Rhonda Bridgers wrote in the Louisville Courier-Journal’s “The Best” column. This yogurt is beautifully white, creamy, smooth and scrumptious.” Share your tips on making yogurt as a response and read The Courier-Journal column
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I absolutely agree some yogurts that are flavored have way too much sugar or artificial sweeteners. The plain yogurts are the best for your body. Keep in mind that stress, antibiotics and poor diet lets bacteria that doesn't do a body good live in the body. The not-so-friendly bacteria could even take over and cause some real illness. Eating live yogurt every day balances the good bacteria and fights off infections as well.
I love that yogurt they put in the Saag Paneer dish, the spinach dish. Is this the same type of yogurt? I think they call it cheese but it may be the same thing.
Hi Lela D. I make the saag-paneer at home and I put a few tablespoons of yogurt, again homemade. Actually, yogurt can be added to almost any Indian dish that has gravy or curry. I find that it really enhances the taste and the dish calls for lesser oil.
My mom got a recipe from our Greek neighbors years ago and used to make homemade yogurt. It always turned out great! Now, sometimes, she'd make it with 2%, but when we could get her to do whole milk yogurt, that was the BEST. I remember that she used to have to wake up in the middle of the night to strain it or something.
Lots of information here at my website:  Mr Yogurt
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