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Role of Seafood Suppliers in Getting Your Fresh Seawater Fish

Posted Feb 28 2013 5:08am 1 Comment

Who Are Seafood Suppliers?

Procuring seafood has to be done at its source, which is any water source. Seafood is also grown in farms all around the world, but getting the seafood close to a place where it is accessible to people is the job of seafood suppliers. A seafood supplier in conjunction with a few people like farm owners, transporters and retail outlets to ensure that you get the seafood of your choice in a store near you. Seafood suppliers are responsible for ensuring that seafood is delivered to all supermarkets and stores for consumption in the freshest possible way. Without these suppliers, your plans of having your favorite seafood may not materialize.

What Happens Out At Sea?

There is a lot of planning that goes into the supply chain of seawater fish. Most of the seafood comes from out in the sea and a small percentage from fish farms. Exotic and rare seafood are the ones that are usually bred in farms and seafood that are in abundance in the sea are caught by fishing boats that roam the seas. The fish that is caught by the fishing boats are sorted out and the small fishes are put back into the sea. A fish has to meet a particular weight or size required to be allowed for consumption. Once sorted, the fish are preserved in refrigerated areas in the ship till it reaches the shore. Strict parameters are set for icing the fish and storing them in refrigerated containers so that the fish do not start to decompose. If the fish are intended to be frozen, then the catch is flash-frozen on the ship immediately after sorting. This ensures that the fish retains its flavor and freshness till it gets to the packing facility.

Sorting and Packaging Offshore

• The seawater fish that has been captured and stored gets offloaded at the offshore facility where sorting and packing of the seafood takes place. It is from this facility of a seafood supplier, seafood meant for consumption is distributed.

• In the sorting and packaging unit the seawater fish are sorted according to the type, size and weight.

• They are then washed and cleaned with fresh water before they are sent to the packing section.

• Some of the fish are used to make fillets and steaks and another lot is sent out to stores as a whole fish.

Transportation of the seawater fish from this facility to the store is done through refrigerated vehicles of the seafood supplier. At all times during transportation and storage the temperature of most seafood is kept at 27 F.

Retail Outlets

The job of a seafood supplier is to get the seafood to the retail outlets that he caters to. Once delivered to the retail outlet, it is the responsibility of the store to ensure that the fish is stored at the right temperature and care is taken to preserve the freshness of the product. It is from these stores that we pick up the seafood of our choice and enjoy having them, thanks to the flawless services of a seafood supplier.

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