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Remembering to water the plants

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:19am

I love houseplants. Before kids, I used to keep beautiful plants. I still have plants, but with kids they aren't as lush as the once used to be. Occasionally, one of the kids will pull leaves off of them or dump them, but mostly the problem is I neglect them.

I kept forgetting to water them. I would notice them all limp and droopy and think, "Oh when was the last time I watered the plants?" So in the past few weeks I have figured out something to make sure the plants get watered.

When I am cleaning up after a meal or just picking up the house, there are always glasses left with water. Instead of dumping the water down the drain, I check the plants and water which ever one needs it. It saves a little bit of water (and pennies too) and keeps the plants green. Nothing earth shattering, but it works for me.

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