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Remembering Pregnancy

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:19am

Some women relish their pregnancy, savoring every new feeling, and enjoying their changing bodies. Not me. I've had relatively easy pregnancies with little or no morning sickness, and no complications. Probably the worst symptom I had was heartburn. That I had a lot of. And yes, the old wives tale is true; all of my babies were born with heads full of hair.

Even though my pregnancies were fairly easy, I didn't enjoy them. I wouldn't say that I hated being pregnant, but that I felt kind of neutral about it. I was very excited about the fact a baby was coming, but the pregnancy itself was just to be tolerated until that baby came.

One thing that I never did like about being pregnant was maternity clothes. When I was pregnant with Kellen (8) maternity clothes were still the style that were supposed to hide your belly, but just made you look like you were wearing a tent. The styles were much more flattering by the time I was pregnant with Vivian (1), but why do many of the newer styles show so much cleavage? I really don't mind the styles that show off the belly, on thin women, but those close fitting clothes show more rolls on me than I can attribute to the baby. YUCK!

But you know me, my real issue with maternity clothing is having to pay so much for things I will only wear a few months! Yes, you can wear them for another pregnancy, if you are pregnant in the same season. I tried to buy resale, trade and borrow whenever possible, and I consigned the clothes when I was done.

How about you? Did you relish your pregnancies, tolerate them, or hate them? What were some things that stand out in your mind about being pregnant?

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