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Question about organic prepared foods.

Posted by ElleBlue

New here.   I just recently began to eat organic and I have a couple of questions.

I've been buying Amy's and Cedar Lane frozen meals. I keep them in the freezer and eat on nights  when I work late. These products don't carry the usual "certified USDA organic" label. They are certified organic through Quality Assurance International (the logo is a Q with a globe). I had never heard of this agency before. Is QAI trustworthy?


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That seems like something you could likely determine for yourself here <>.

Generally speaking, the bioavailability of nutrients in frozen foods if less than fresh. In other words, packaged foods do not pack the nutritional punch of organic fruits, vegetables, and legumes. But we live busy lives...

Amy's seems to be a reputable brand if one is opting for frozen foods. Cedar Lane I cannot speak to. 

Gordon made a great point regarding bioavailabilty. When foods are cooked and then flash froze and once again reheated they become devoid in living nutrients. Those cooked nutrients are more difficult for your body to absorb. Not to mention added sodium (to make them so very tastey!) is really not good for blood pressure. I hope this helps you.. 

Blessings and Light, Jillian 

I have been buying Annie's products for a while even though I must admit I never bought frozen prepared foods. I understand about us all having busy lives but I try as much as possible to prepare all homemade food from scratch. I do however buy frozen vegetables and fruits that are organic when not in season. 
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