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Perfect organic snack

Posted by Kristen D.

I sent my boyfriend to the grocery store for me with a short list, which included baby carrots. He came back with just that, only they were organic AND individually packaged withing a plastic bag.It's the perfect snack for work or when you're on the go-and no need to buy your own zipping plastic bags! 
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My daughter loves the baby carrots because they are easy to handle and taste so sweet. I love munching on them too! A great pick me up snack that is so simple.
A combination that really works for me is carrots with peas. Their color combination is terrific, and they taste great. I cook them together and have that as a side veggie dish to put on the table.
This is a great snack and I desperately wish they'd give that out on planes instead of peanuts and Southwest plane crackers. They are so good for chewing, fiber, your skin and eyes. When I was a starving student, I would make my own little packages up with carrots and put them in little shopping bags I saved up, since I couldn't buy zip locks on my budget.
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