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Peppermint Sun Tea

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:18am

Ice tea is a year round drink in this house, but it tastes so much better in the summer. What is it about sun tea that makes it taste so good Maybe it is the slow processing that makes the flavor smooth and refreshing. I'm not sure about the science behind it, but I do know it tastes great. Throw a little mint in, and you have a perfect drink for a hot day.

Our Peppermint is only a few inches high, but I just couldn't resist snagging some for sun tea yesterday. I carefully snipped what I could, being sure to leave enough of the plant for new growth. I probably had about 1/2 a cup. More would have been better, but this worked. I washed the leaves and tied them up in a coffee filter.

I filled a gallon jar with water and placed the peppermint in with eight tea bags. It sat in the sun for a few hours. After it was chilled it was so good! You got to love a refreshing treat that doesn't send you looking for the best weight loss pills after you've enjoyed it.

Photo credit: airencracken

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