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Nutritional Integrity in Raw Whole Food Nutrition

Posted Oct 22 2007 11:21am
What is ? Is this something that can be easily measured?

My interpretation of is defined as the amount of in a food after it has been processed in some way as compared to the amount of nutrients in the food before it is processed.

All companies who produce must pasteurize it which cooks a lot of the right out of it. Better companies will freeze dry the into a powder to avoid pasteurization, however their process of freeze drying can cook the out of the food too.

Length of time is another factor in the loss of . Let me explain.

When a is fully ripe to be picked, at that very point it is at its highest nutritional value. It is then picked from the plant. The plant is that life force. The minute a is disconnected from its' life force, it begins to die. The longer the amount of time goes by, the less nutritional value it has.

Many of the big farms that sell produce to grocery stores (to keep up with demand) pick the before it is fully ripe, so right off the back that produce does not reach its' peak of nutrition. Of course it then proceeds to die and lose some of the nutritional value it has.

The consumer will find it difficult to determine the of produce. A few things to look for are produce that hasn't ripened yet or produce that looks like it has no life left in it. The only scientific way to measure is in a laboratory.

There is one test the consumer can use to tell the of something. Judge your bodies reaction to it after it is consumed. If you have no reaction or even worse, you feel tired or sluggish, then that is a good indicator there wasn't much left in the food you consumed. However, if you consume the food and then feel more energetic, that is a good indication that the of that food is fully in tact.

This is one of the reasons the diet has become so popular. Eating produce helps maintain as many as possible whereas cooking produce causes nutrient loss.

The product I spoke of in my last postretains a higher content of the naturally occurring live found in the original fresh produce, just as nature intended. The farmer, URI LeBaron, waits until the produce is fully ripe. He then picks the and within 6 hours from harvest, he runs it through his insta-fresh process which juices it and freeze-dries it into a powder. ALL of the nutrients are now locked in until you add water to the powder and consume it. You feel the energy after you consume as if you just consumed the fresh produce itself.

This is one of the reasons I highly recommend . gives you the government recommended 5 to 9 servings of a day. These are full of LIFE and your body responds immediately to it.

We are so used to filling our bodies with over processed and overcooked DEAD foods that they have no life left in them. Why do you think are flying off the shelves? Your body needs nutrition, not heavy doses of caffeine.

If you are someone who drinks coffee or to help you through the day, I strongly recommend you stop filling your body with the sugar and caffeine chemicals and start giving your body what it truly is craving, . Again, the best product I have found in 2 years that meets this need is .

Here I give you the opportunity to sample this product risk free. You won't regret it!

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