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My shopping trip

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:19am

You people are no help! *grin* I wanted to narrow down my ideas and you want to hear all my stories? I am flattered that you find my little stories and tidbits entertaining. Well, today I will tell you about my shopping trip.

If you remember from my teaser, I went shopping a few weeks back and bought Vivian a coat and shirt and Nolan a pair of shoes. When it was all said and done the store owed me $11. How could this be you might wonder. One word: RESALE! I sang its' praises last month. This months song is even sweeter!

The secret this month is that I shopped at a store where I had clothes on consignment. About two months ago I took a couple of small boxes of clothing to a resale store. This month I had a few more things to add and I also knew that Vivian needed a winter coat so off to the resale store we went. I looked around and made my picks while the store owner tallied my sales for the month. After making my purchases, I still had $11 in the black, which she will send to me at the end of the month along with any other money I've made from the things I have there on consignment.

I love resale stores. Generally consignment stores give you 50% of the sale price for your items. I don't make enough to fully outfit the kids each season, but it does help. The rest of their clothing comes at Christmas and birthdays and sometimes from hand-me-downs. It works well for me.

If my children of the same sex were closer in age, I would do a lot more hand-me-downs. We have limited storage space and the boys are 5 years apart, the girls about 4. For me it just doesn't work to save everything. Using resale, asking for clothing for gifts and accepting hand-me-downs is working well. I love resale!

I am hoping to post about Kellen's Christmas teeth later this evening at the 100 Acre Wood.

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