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My road block to organic foods

Posted Jun 01 2007 11:57am 4 Comments
While Whole Foods is a great source for organic foods, it is not the best grocery store for a general shopping trip. About a week ago, I hosted a dinner party at my house, so I went to Whole Foods to pick up the necessary groceries. Since I was already at the store, it made since to buy a few extra necessary items, such as Arm & Hammer fridge deodorizer, vacuum bags, and so on. To my disappointment, I could not find these items, so I had to make a trip across the street to Safeway to complete the shopping trip. Safeway is a great general grocery store, but they typically only provide their brand of organic products, which are costly. On the other hand, Whole Foods offers a variety of organic products, but not necessary household items. This has been my main road block in terms of eating organic. On one hand, I want to do my dinner shopping at Whole Foods, but there are always household items to be bought, so I rather just make one trip to Safeway. At least they are across the street from one another.
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Okay, so wait. Are you saying that you don't like to shop at Whole Foods because they don't offer vacuum bags? Are you eating vacuum bags? I haven't tried to chew on one for awhile but... hahhahaaha. I'm just kidding. It's true, there are very few health food stores that have become super stores. I'm sure that's right around the bend... and a brilliant idea if there are any franchise people out there. And don't do a franchise where the household supplies are ridiculously priced or anything. We are talking a Safeway/Whole Foods combo. Trader Joe's has a section where there are household goods as well. You can buy dishwasher soap, toilet paper, hand lotion, dog food, etc. The thing is, it's all health oriented but reasonably priced. Aha! That is the key... But I do have to say, in all seriousness, you should not let convenience stop you from eating healthy. Although the Whole Foods doesn't carry everything you need for your home, what you are putting into your body should take precedence. I mean, if someone asked you to eat poisons to make your life easier in terms of picking up supplies, would you do it? I doubt it. It's almost (almost) the same thing. :)
Yes, you are correct, what I put into my body should take precedence. I purchase most of my items at Whole Foods, but on the days I am heading to the store for cat food and other household items, it is easier to go to Safeway (but typically once I'm there, I pick up a few other items) and that's when I don't want to take an extra trip for a few apples. As you put it, I should just think about putting chemicals into my body over an extra store trip and my mind will be made up quit easily. This post more or less came out as a rant.. that organic stores should consider becoming super stores.
In the good old days, we went to one doctor to handle all our ailments. Today we have specialists. Go to your primary care doctor to get a referral to go to your specialist. That takes time and days. Take a look at schools: Good old days, we went to one school to get our academics, art, sports and so on. Today kids are driven all over the place to fill the void of ballet, soccer, piano, music and voice lessons. As a mom, a store that carried organic vegetables, fruit and food products that are truly organic with vacuum bags, toilet items, pet items and hosiery, now we are shopping. Alas! I go to a wonderful natural food store-- Co-op, Raley's (or Nob Hill), Trader Joe's and Target or Costco. It's amazing we get our workouts in at all.
Look, we have a very long lifespan now compared to our ancestors. All this paranoia over chemicals in food is just paranoia. Don't get me wrong - I'm all for organic food for environmental reasons. But regular food with preservatives eaten in moderation is not going to kill you. I personally shop at Trader Joe's for most of my food but have to get certain items (notably Gatorade) at Vons. When I am at Vons, I make a point of buying their in-house organic brand to support it and show that there's a demand for it at mainstream food markets.
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