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Methods of Preserving Freshwater and Frozen Fish and Packaging of Frozen Fish

Posted Sep 14 2012 5:01am


Some foods can not be supplied in miniature form without losing their delicious taste and essence. We cannot expect live foods at all times of the year since they are not readily available. So it is better to have the frozen food instead of searching for the fresh food. Though the frozen foods are costlier than the fresh food , the frozen foods are the excellent alternatives when provide for fry or picky eaters. Nowadays most of the petty shops are selling the frozen foods and numerous companies are even exported the frozen foods from one country to another country. India is rich in domestic freshwater fish, with about 940 species recognized from its rivers, lakes and aquariums. Among these species about 500 species are main freshwater fish with approximately 65% common, secluded in the two hot spots of India, the Western Ghats and the North East. Many of these freshwater fishes are sole to certain stretches of the assorted rivers particularly the upper reaches and numerous species are being reported from these forested hills. The only way for a freshwater fish fanatic to save the freshwater fish and its habitats are generating consciousness among the people.

Description of Features of the Frozen Fish

Fish are hard hearted, water vertebrates and they generally possess a streamlined body wrapped with scales and the body is divided into head, gill, trunk and tail parts. The salt water fish is divided according to the shape of their body into circular and flat shape. Frozen fish is the most excellent fish quality as it is frozen by the flash or rapid freezing process. As a result of the rapid freezing method the cell walls of the fish will not break and do not lose cell fluids. Rapid freezing results in the formation of only very small ice crystals which are different from large crystals, do not break the cell walls and thus do not result in the loss of cell fluids on melting.

Preservative Methods of Frozen Fish

Inconspicuous smell, rigid and flexible flesh, sparkling red color of the gills, vivid, silky color, silky black pupils are some of the main factors used to assess fresh fish. The fish should be properly frozen while loading it and if it is not properly frozen the fish will spoil during transportation. Periodic Checks should be carried out during loading. Since the frozen fish is maintained at chill temperature for a long time , the body of the fish is rigid like the wood when struck. The meat thermometer should be used to measure the core temperature of the body of the fish by drilling a hole into the central part of the body of the fish

Packaging Methods of Frozen Fish

The frozen fish is usually packed in plastic film and is transported in cartons or boxes. But the Oily types of fish should be packed in an oxygen-impermeable film to avoid rancidity due to the high oil content. Care should be taken on the dimension of the packing modules of customary pallet sizes. For transporting the frozen fish only the ultra-low temperature refrigerated containers should be used, as they are capable of transporting goods at a very low temperature. Information about freshwater fish by siamcanadian.

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