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Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Posted May 24 2010 12:00am
How does your garden grow?
With silver bells, and cockle shells,
And pretty maids all in a row.

Okay, I didn't plant silver bells and cockle shells. Nor do I know what a "pretty maid" is referring to. But I did plant these things
 Gardening Success. 

The two guys on the left are tomatoes, one roma and one cherry. The back middle is sweet peppers--no I don't know what kind. They were out of bell peppers so I went with these mystery peppers that are allegedly sweet. I'll keep you posted. The empty-looking pot is the only one I'm doing from seed, and that's "The Eclectic Eleven" organic lettuce mix. The last big pot is eggplant. 


Don't act like I wasn't going to do herbs. The big bushy one is cilantro, behind it is the rosemary, to the right of that is thyme, in front of that is oregano. The three on the right side from top to bottom: sweet basil, purple ruffle basil and lemon basil. Jackpot.

This is my first container garden ever, so hopefully I don't kill them. The tomatoes and peppers are already noticeably bigger and its only been a few days.

I did miscalculate the amount of dirt for this little garden project, so with a half a bag leftover I think I'm just going to buy another pot and plant something else. I mean, why not, right? What do you think I should add to my garden? Any ideas?

My photog skills were definitely lacking this weekend, so rather than posting fuzzy pictures of my delicious eats I thought I'd use some whimsical verbiage to give you an idea of what went on. So, here's my weekend of eats, unfortunately some are sans pictures.

Friday Dinner
Edamame and Rice Noodles with Peanut Satay Sauce. Garnished with parsley.

Saturday Breakfast. Slash Brunch. Slash Lunch. My Friday night was spent galavanting at places like The Library - a bar, not an actual library - so I did not make it home til 4 a.m. Thus Saturday Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch happened at three in the afternoon. And it was awesome.

Whole Wheat Pancakes and Rice Milk in the New York Cup. Fun Fact: The New York Cup is the biggest mug I own. New York Cup means business.

Saturday Dinner was phenom. Went to Pizza Luce with a very dear friend of mine. Started with the artichoke dip that was loaded with all sorts of dairy, from cheese to sour cream. Like I said I'm not 100% vegan. Because how do you turn down artichoke dip? From dairy-loaded dip we did get a vegan Pizza Athena, which is arguably the best pizza on the face of the planet. True story. 

Sunday Lunch is a perfect example of lack of photog skills. I have like eight fuzzy pictures of a delicious Mexican wrap. Whole Wheat tortilla with black beans, fresh tomato, corn and avacado topped with taco sauce.

Sunday Dinner was impressive, if I don't say so myself. I found a mysterious looking wild rice blend at Rainbow . It had been a while since the last time I enjoyed a wild rice something-or-other, so it was a welcomed change. 

Wild rice with onion, garlic and chopped mushrooms. Garnished with parsley. Served with Corona. Apparently I was still feeling the Mexican vibe.

Sunday After Hours took place at Pizza Luce. Yeah I went there twice in one weekend. Don't judge me. Julie and I split a bottle of wine and nom'ed on some vegan peanut butter chocolate dessert. 

Big House Red. It was tasty. Laptops open = productive time "working." Because why would you go to a coffee shop and work when you can go to Luce?

And that brings us to today. Right now. Monday Morning. Which I'm also told we're in an excessive heat warning . Apparently 92 equals excessive heat in Minnesota. So much for my outdoor runs. 

So what did everyone else do this weekend? Any notable eats you want to share with the group?
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