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Make It From Scratch #10 - A day made from scratch.

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:19am

Meet the Scratch family. In this family most things are homemade. Join them for a typical day.

Bright and early Mr. & Mrs. Scratch rise to begin the day. While they sit and enjoy their coffee the children wake up and join them in the kitchen. Breakfast this morning is simple. There arebagelsorcornbreadto choose from.

Mrs. Scratch gets dressed and ties her hair back with a simpleheadband. It is enough to keep it out of her way for the day's work. Meanwhile Mr. Scratchpacks his lunchand gets ready to leave for the office. The children go about their morning routines.

The Mrs. and the kids kiss dad good bye, and begin the days task; making bread for the week. As Mrs. Scratch starts the dough, the children question her about how the dough rises. Seizing a teachable moment, they have an impromptuscience experiment. Soon the children understand what makes the bread rise, and they finish making their loaves.

As the loaves are baking, Mrs. Scratch begins lunch. Today it is hamburger helper. "From the box?" you may wonder. Of course not, this is the Scratch household! They have their own version ofhamburger helper.

With lunch and the bread completed and cleaned up, the Scratch's decide to do a few crafts. The children color while their mother works on some gift tags, including anew pretty pink oneto go on the gift for a friends upcoming birthday.

They spend the afternoon crafting and snacking on somehealthy homemade cookies. The children play with the dog and give him a fewtreatstoo. Before they know it, dinner time is approaching.

Mr. Scratch comes home just as Mrs. Scratch is putting thechimichangasinto the oven. Soon they are enjoying their family dinner, and chatting over the days events. The dishes are done. The kids are bathed, and tucked in with a story.

Mr. and Mrs. Scratch enjoy their time together as they read or work on various projects. They reflect on their day, and are thankful for all their blessings. Then they go to bed, and rest up for the next day in the Scratch household.

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Thank you all for your great submissions! And thank you for joining us for Make It From Scratch #10. Next week is Challenge Week! Try something new, and join us next week. You may even win a prize. For more information click here.

I have added hosting guidelines to the Make It From Scratch - Carnival post. If you are interested in hosting, please check the guidelines and let me know what date you would like to host.

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