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Little Helpers in Action

Posted Jun 10 2009 12:19am

I love making homemade items for Christmas. I am not the most crafty person, so most of my "homemade" is edible. I enjoy doing it. It is frugal and everyone loves edible homemade gifts. Uhh. . . . don't they? I am having a sudden onslaught of self doubt here. Ok, if you really don't love edible homemade gifts please let me know. For those of you on my list, it is too late for something different this year, but let me know for future reference ok? Anyhow. . . this is not the subject of this post.

My little helpers enjoy making these gifts also. Some projects can be quite challenging to complete with four little ones around. I am always trying to find projects they can help with. Yesterday, while the baby was sleeping, we made chocolate covered pretzels. This is a perfect project to do with the kids.

I melted three colors of chocolate, one for each kid, in the microwave. The red and dark were candy wafers, the white was baking chips with a little shortening added.

They dipped their pretzels (small rods and regular pretzels) into the chocolate with a fork and tapped off the excess, then laid the pretzel on wax paper to dry. Nolan didn't do too many, but was content to watch and eat pretzels. The other two did quite a few pretzels. Here they are when we finished.

We will be using these in some gift baskets we are making today.

The perfect project: Yummy, easy, frugal and the kids can help. If you want to see it from an 8 year old perspective click here. Of course, clean up was their favorite part. No, really it was!

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