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I'm 23

Posted Aug 24 2011 8:52pm
Yesterday was my golden birthday. I turned 23 on August 23rd. I don't know why I think 23 is so much different than 22, but it just sounds old. I used to get away with doing ridiculous things with the excuse of, "What? She's 22..." I feel like that doesn't work as well when you're 23.

What does work very well is having some very fantastic friends who took me on a birthday surprise. I usually don't love making decisions, so they told me they would plan the entire evening and all I had to do was get dressed. Easy enough. First they brought me to Wakame , this cute little sushi place that I've always wanted to go to but never had the occasion to. I had this amazing seaweed salad with some pumpkin rolls (true story, it was pumpkin) and some veggie rolls.

Seaweed Salad & Wine.
 Sushi Spread.   Veggie Rolls.     After dinner my friends blindfolded me (true story) to take me to the super secret birthday location number two. I had no idea where they were taking me, and they even made me walk to the building while still wearing the blindfold! Imagine my surprise when we showed up at Lyndale Taphouse , otherwise known as Tuesday Night Bingo.    And play bingo we did.    Failing at Bingo.    The way Taphouse Bingo works is that if someone at your table gets a bingo, your entire table gets a free round of shots. While I didn't get a Bingo, my friend did. Taphouse rules: we're all winners.    Yeah, I took all of those.     It was such a fun birthday, and even better that we went out celebrating on a Tuesday night. Thanks again to my homegirls for taking me out--I love you!    Questions
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