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How to upgrade R4i-Gold 3DS card for 3DS V5.0.0-10?

Posted by r4icard released new  R4i-Gold 3DS  V5.0.0 card on April 1st, it can directly work on latest 3DS V5.0.0-11 E/U/J system, no need any upgrade. But if your R4i-Gold 3DS card is old version, which is marked with “V4.5.0′, it need to be upgraded in a DS or DSi console firstly, then it can support latest 3DS system.

upgrade method:
1.Download the R4i-Gold 3DS V5.0.0 Update Patch to computer.
2.Unzip the patch, and copy the update file to the root of SD card.
3.Connect the DS console to AC power for Charging.
4.Put the R4i-Gold 3DS 3DS card with SD card into the DS console.
5.Turn on the power of DS, enter the  r4  mainmenu, and find the update file.
6.Select the update file, and press “A” key to activate upgrade process.
7.Click “upgrade” key to start upgrade.
8.Wait untill upgrade process finish.

then the R4i-Gold 3DS card can work on latest 3DS V5.0.0 E/U/J system now
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