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How to Cook Mixed Seafood

Posted Dec 21 2012 4:10am

Seafood mix has become one of the essential ways through which people enjoy their food. It a new concept where rather than eating only one single type of seafood they mix a varieties of them to enjoy a new kind of mixed dish. Usually a mix contains 6 ingredients. These ingredients are meat of mussels, shrimps, calamari rings, calamari tentacles, small octopuses and crabs. Sometimes one of these ingredients is replaced with squid.

Cooking seafood mix is really easy. This is because in general seafood does not require much time to cook. They have a different flavour added in them which makes them very delicate to eat and sweet to taste. Different seafood has its own taste. Once all such available seafood is mixed it creates magic in the dish and on the table. Grill the mix, add little spices and sauté them. There are so many things that can be done, let your creativity flow and cook as many dishes as possible. However remember to thaw them if they are bought in frozen form.

Seafood and Advantages

Seafood mix has many important properties in them; this makes them vital part of any diet. Usually places near sea are highly benefited from this mix but today every country in world has access to seafood and can mix them and create recipes that will improve their health. Seafood is rich in Omega-3, iodine, vitamin A, E and D. These minerals and vitamins help in reducing arthritis and promote cardiovascular relief. It has been proven through various researches that at least 2 twice a week people should consume seafood and other fish to have a balanced diet and reduce the risk of having cancer or tumors.

Thawing Frozen Seafood

Thawing is a very essential process of cooking frozen food. It balances the taste of the food and retains as much of health benefits possible. A frozen seafood mix usually contains six essential sea fish, clamps etc. All have separate nutritional value making them tastier. In order to thaw seafood the food should be defrosted well. Then the entire mix should be cleaned and filled with water in a colander and kept in the fridge for 4 hours or more. It should be wrapped in plastic to avoid the creation of bacteria. After few hours the mix needs to be taken out and left to melt down.

Current Market Availability

Seafood mix can be made at home easily. You can buy fresh seafood from any market and mix them in the same proportion to cook. It is important to mix six types of seafood which can include clamps, mussels, crab, fish, shrimps, octopus etc. If buying fresh food and making the mix is problematic then you can go to any store in the market where frozen version of this food is available in packets. They come in different weights and varieties. You can select between the ingredients and weight. Make your pick and add nutrition to your everyday diet. For more information visit cuttlefish by siamcanadian.

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