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Have you heard of Life Choices Foods?

Posted by daeun21

Hi. My name is Da Eun. I am a student in OCAD University in Toronto. I am in my last year working on a thesis project and decided to choose Life Choices Foods as my client. It would be great if you could spare just a couple of minutes to share your thoughts on Life Choices Foods, and help me get some sort of insight about how you feel about the brand.





1) How did you learn about Life Choices Foods?

2) Are you the primary buyer for this product?

3) Why do you buy it?

4) How do you use the products (when, where, with what, with whom)?

5) Why do you prefer Life Choices Foods over other options? (What are your other options?)

6) How important is eating organic to you?

7) Give me a brief description of who you are. What are your objectives? What are the roles of your diet? How does Life Choices Foods contribute?


Feel free to blabber on about how much you like or dislike the brand but ultimately I would like to know WHY.


If you feel that you could spare some extra time to meet up with me for a one-on-one interview or participation in a focus group, please msg me and let me know. You are saving a thesis student's soul! :)


Thank you so much for your input and cooperation. Have a great day!

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