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Go Organic! With Coupons!

Posted by Heather J.

Go Organic! A project sponsored in part by the Organic Trade Association and the Earth Day Network launched a new coupon booklet for Earth Day that offers $13 worth of coupons for various organic products, including items from Barbara's Bakery, Kashi, and Earthbound Farm produce. The coupons help offset the extra cost of organic food versus its conventionally grown counterparts. Call 866-I-GO-ORGA for a free booklet. Visit the Go Organic! website (which has recipes and more giveaways) at
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That is a great tip. It's so interesting - why is it so much more expensive for us to eat healthy than to eat like crap? You'd think that producing fruits and vegetables without pesticides would be a lot less expensive, but who knows. I certainly do not. But I do have to say that I think it's gross that our nation supports fast food and makes it more accessible to people that are struggling financially than food that's good for our bodies. No wonder obesity among children is sky-rocketing - if you can get an entire "meal" (read: empty calories and fat) at McDonald's for a buck, why would you spend the extra cash on something good for you? On the other hand, I have noticed that people without cash "treat themselves" to places like Starbucks. A better investment would be a nice round of antibiotic free meat, don't you think? How did we get into this pattern (in a country where food is abundant) of making such bad choices? Come on Wellsphere, people! Let's keep throwing out support like the posting above!
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