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Go Green Internally with Live Whole Food Nutrition!

Posted Jun 02 2008 6:04pm 2 Comments
Weclome to my "Go Green" Blog. Here you will find regularly updated information about improving YOUR health by "Going Green" internally.

"Going Green" is one of the latest hot topics in the U.S. thanks in part to Al Gore and his crusade to save the planet. More and more people everyday are making decisions to help improve their environment. It can be a simple change, such as curbside recycling or a larger change like buying a new hybrid vehicle. Any efforts, large or small, are steps in the right direction to improve our body's external environment.

What about our internal environment?

"Going Green" internally should be of equal, if not greater, importance! We pollute our internal environment on a daily basis with processed foods, pesticide ridden produce, hormone injected meats and genetically modified foods. When our body informs us that it cannot take anymore pollution, our immune system slows down with exhaustion and makes us vulnerable to bugs and viruses.

What do you typically do once you get a bug or virus? Instead of giving the body what it has wanted all along, typically people hurry out to the drug stores and buy a product that is designed to cover up the symptoms of the cold. Some will also go see a doctor and get some antibiotics that completely wipe out the bad virus cells (and all the good cells too) which leaves the immune system with no defense against any other infections.

This whole cycle can be avoided by simply giving the body what it wants, a clean and healthy internal environment.

How do you do this? Give your body what it is designed to receive by nature. Feed your internal environment organic, nutrient dense, LIVE whole food nutrition.

A common response I hear is "I cannot afford to eat organic foods." The truth be told, you cannot afford NOT to eat them. Add up the costs of the doctor visits, the prescriptions, the over the counter medicines, the rising health insurance, the boxes of Kleenex, the days of work missed, the tiredness we fill daily ...etc. These are expenses that have all resulted from saving that dollar on the lettuce, that 50 cents on those bananas or that dollar fifty on the cereal.

How much do you spend on that sugar filled latte` each day? How about the daily stops to the vending machines?

You cannot take your health for granted. Start making the right choices with what you eat. Remember the old saying "You are what you eat?" That's a powerful statement. Think about that statement before you consume your next meal.
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I think it's great to move TOWARD this type of eating. Too many people try to go at it all at once and then abandon the whole endeavor. Baby steps I say, baby steps to green living AND eating!
I too am eating more raw, live whole foods. I feel amazing so far!
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